Since 1975, The Mike Ferry Organization has been committed to providing Real Estate professionals with the very best in Real Estate sales training and coaching.

We support agents by producing innovative training seminars, proven products to support those seminars, and by developing ancillary programs that further enhance any agent’s ability to be more productive and highly profitable.

Our Organization provides Real Estate sales training programs and multi-media educational materials, DVDs, CDs, books, workbooks, reports, retreats, coaching, seminars, and many complimentary telephone scripts for Real Estate agents. And each year, we reach out to more professionals with the desire to increase your Real Estate productivity and close on more homes. We continue to develop our distinctive brand of educational materials and cutting-edge seminars that meet the needs of a changing market.

If you are a Real Estate agent wanting to enhance your skills, increase production, and improve profitability, then you’ve come to the right place! We are the industry leader in Real Estate agent training programs and we will coach you to the top!

Meet Mike

Mike Ferry is the founder of The Mike Ferry Organization, and has been involved in sales and management for more than forty years, earning an unmatched reputation for success built on a foundation of hard work, dedication to his personal goals, and an unwavering commitment to his clients and their success.

Mike began his career with Nightingale-Conant where he was quickly promoted to the position of National Training Director responsible for the sales activities of 1,300 people. He then made the decision to move into the residential Real Estate field as a sales person. After a career of selling homes and earning the honor of being one of the top agents in the state, Mike decided the time was right to launch his own company.

Over four decades later, The Mike Ferry Organization is a multi-million dollar company with tens of thousands of clients. His phenomenal natural ability to teach and mentor his original techniques has helped countless agents achieve and exceed their personal and business goals. The way he inspires all his clients – whether in their first or fiftieth year of Real Estate – to produce at high levels and apply the rules of business to their careers is legendary.