1. Interview with Mike Ferry Coach - Ron Cronin

    Mike Ferry: And welcome to Mike Ferry TV, we are excited today to continue this fun series of events we've been going on with Mike Ferry TV, talking to some of our great clients and coaches and trainers and speakers, and today we have somebody that all of you know, because he's been in front of us that are three and four day events and run those events for years and also at all the Production Retreat Superstar Retreat. Mr. Ron Cronin. So, I'll be the first to applaud.

    Ron Cronin: Run by Mike

    Mike Ferry:...

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  2. The Power of a Strong Presentation - Part 2

    Mike Ferry: And welcome back to Mike Ferry TV the week of November 15th, which means we probably now are thinking holiday season a lot and discussing it with your friends and family and mentally preparing for it, which is certainly understandable in the U.S. we have our Thanksgiving holiday coming up and then of course, worldwide the Christmas holidays and whatever holidays your religious preference has in store for you. But we know this is the holiday season. We also know that the number of transactions done the last part of November and December in most of North...

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  3. The Power of a Strong Presentation - Part 1

    Mike Ferry: Welcome and good morning to Mike Ferry TV the week of November 8th, 2021, as we both know, this year is coming to a very quick and rapid ending, and the business has been exceptional for the major portion of all the people in Real Estate today. I will also say to you that if you would like to have a great January and February in terms of commission earned and closings and checks cashed. Better, get to work a lot in November and December. I know all the reasons why people stop in Real Estate work in November and December. And all they are is really excuses...

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  4. Interview with Mike Ferry Coach – Cody Emery

    Mike Ferry: And welcome to Mike Ferry TV, we have today from the great state of Utah, Salt Lake City. Longtime client, longtime friend, a longtime coach and just a good guy that we've enjoyed our experience with Cody Emery. So, Cody, welcome to Mike Ferry TV today, and we're going to have some fun sharing some thoughts with our viewers on this program, so thanks for being part of it. Welcome.

    Cody Emery: Thanks for having me, Mike.

    Mike Ferry: My pleasure. So how long have you been in real estate now? For a young guy you've had a pretty long career.

    Cody Emery: Yeah, 11 years now.

    Mike Ferry: Ok. And how long have you been involved in coaching with us as a client or as a coach?

    Cody Emery: 10 years now.

    Mike Ferry: Ten years. Wow. How did we first meet?

    Cody Emery: It was at a Productivity School...

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  5. Interview with Mike Ferry Coach – Maverick Malech

    Mike Ferry: Hello and welcome to Mike Ferry TV, we are interviewing today a very unique character. One of my heroes, and he's a hero for a lot of reasons, and I'll express that to you in a few minutes. But let's welcome Mr. Maverick Melech. His beautiful wife, Karen, and they live in a terrible place. It's just sad to even have to say it out loud. They live in the state of Hawaii, and they've been there for seven years, and you can see by the smile on Maverick's face that he's suffering a lot. It's terrible. Yeah, which island do you guys live on now?

    Maverick Malech: We're on the Hawaii island, the Big Island, otherwise known. So if you were to look at a map of Hawaii we are the most southern...

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  6. Interview with Mike Ferry Coach - Vickie Clark-Jennings

    Speaker1: And welcome to Mike Ferry TV. It is, of course, Monday, and we are very lucky to have with this, as you know, we started this wonderful series of great real estate agents and coaches that work with MFO and sharing some of their good thoughts and advice and what they've experienced. And it's really been a fun adventure for me, I have to tell you. And as we introduce Vickie Clark Jennings from Fredericksburg, Virginia, which is about 50 miles south of Washington, D.C. I have to say I have been taking more notes on these, Vickie than I never thought I would take this. I've probably taken so far 10 pages of notes doing these interviews, and I'm just hoping all of our viewers understand how important what you have to share is, and they do the same. So let me ask you this question. When did we first meet? How long has it been that...

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  7. Interview with Mike Ferry Coach – Tim Rohan

    Speaker1: Welcome and good morning to Mike Ferry TV, you're looking at the screen and seeing Mr. Tim Rowan, a long, long time customer friend and coach of The Mike Ferry Organization, and our computers are not working 100 percent correctly. So, we get to see handsome Tim and we're not going to look at Mike Ferry today, which is sometimes a blessing in disguise. Welcome, Tim nice to have you with us. Thanks, Mike. Tim, how long have you been associated now with the Mike Ferry organization? It's been a long time.

    Speaker2: It has been a long time. I went to a couple of events in the early 90s, but I signed up for coaching in Baltimore in 1995. And I've been there ever since. 26 years.

    26 years. And how long have you been in Real Estate?

    28 years.

    Speaker1: Twenty-eight years. So, we got you when you were still a...

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  8. Interview with Mike Ferry Coach - Cydney Fullen

    Speaker1: Well, welcome to Mike Ferry TV, we are very fortunate today to have a long, long time, she looks much younger than one time lady with us today, with Cydney Fullen on a great agent, a great broker owner, a great coach for The Mike Ferry Organization lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. A beautiful part of the world. As Cydney knows, one of my longtime best friends from Earl Nightingale company lived in Little Rock and she even knows where the house is he lived in, which is kind of fun. So welcome, Cydney. Nice to have you with us. Thanks for joining us.

    Speaker2: Thank you so much for having me. I'm excited to be here today.

    Speaker1: So, question and I didn't think of this till minute ago. How long have you been in the real estate industry? Because I think it's been a while.

    Speaker2: So, this is my 38th year in...

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  9. Interview with Mike Ferry Coach – Ira Naiditch

    Speaker1: And welcome to Mike Ferry TV, we've had a wonderful series of great people we've been working with each week, and this week we have Ira Naiditch from the Great State of Iowa. So Ira, first of all, welcome and thanks for participating and sharing with us today.

    Speaker2: Thank you, Mike. Glad to be here.

    Speaker1: My pleasure 100 percent. When did we meet originally? I think you were in Pennsylvania when we first met or living in Pennsylvania. How long ago was that?

    Speaker2: That was in 1997. So it's been 24 years now.

    Speaker1: So we both had more hair and darker hair. That's exactly right. That's fun. So, Ira, take a minute and express to the wonderful group of viewers your background prior to Real Estate, if you would, please.

    Speaker2: So prior to Real Estate, I served in the U.S. Army for...

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