Give back and make a difference in your community

Every year, on June 20th we celebrate Mike Ferry’s Birthday by getting the MFO community involved with something we call, “I Made A Difference Day”. I Made A Difference Day is our way of giving back and hopefully inspiring others to do the same by choosing an act of service that will impact the community directly.


Get Involved

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How to Get Involved:

Whether it’s picking up trash in a park, helping others carry groceries to their car, donating clothes or whatever giving back looks like to you. We urge you to participate and share your participation with us so we can create a chain effect to inspire others to do the same. Use hashtag #IMADD or #IMadeADifferenceDay and tag the Mike Ferry Organization on Social Media. Want to remain anonymous? No problem! You can email The Mike Ferry Organization a photo or details pertaining to your efforts and we will keep them as an our eyes only.