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I have been with the Mike Ferry Organization since 2006 and it has changed the lives of myself and my family…

As a Coach who still actively sells Real estate, it is my job to help my Coaching Clients not only generate income through a steady flow of paychecks but also to manage their time efficiently and effectively.

We work on strengthening their overall Mindset, Skills and Activities each week which helps them produce better results month after month. By focusing on Mike’s 21 Point System they are able to focus on all areas of their business and generate results in the areas that they are looking to improve and grow in.

Myself being an Active agent who is still working in the field everyday it is important I “Walk the Talk” and am providing my Coaching Clients with the tools, scripts, dialogues and techniques that work in Today’s ever changing Real estate market. Being married 11 years, an active father of 3 kids under 10, an avid Investor, Property Manager and member of the ‘5am Club’ I can appreciate what it is like to have a busy schedule, so whether my clients have decades in the business or weeks, we work on setting Goals around all the areas of life.. Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Family and of course… Money.

As a Professional Mike Ferry Trained Coach it is my joy each day to help my Clients reach new heights & achieve new breakthroughs in their businesses and in their lives!

-Rene Ahmad.