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5 Steps To Improve Your Listing Presentation

5 Tips for a Professional Real Estate listing presentation


Well, good morning and welcome to Mike Ferry TV. It’s the week of May the 8th. I’m Ron Cronin and we are working today on using a strong Listing Presentation.

Using a strong Listing Presentation. I got to tell you about this Listing Presentation. As a Real Estate Agent, getting this part of my business down was extremely helpful in the prospecting that I was doing. And for those of you watching that don’t feel that you have a strong presentation or you know you don’t, or you’re not really proud of what you do when you go to their house or your presentation. Well, understand, this is something that you can focus on that will help you throughout other areas of your business, especially the prospecting and the lead follow-up. If you’ve got a rock-solid presentation, you’re going to be more likely to prospect, you’re going to be more likely to follow up aggressively with your leads because you’re happy with what you’re going to do. You’re excited to show these folks this presentation that you’ve developed. Okay.


Always follow the 5-Step Listing Process”


So when it comes to being a great presenter and getting good results with the Mike Ferry system, we want to learn point number one. Let’s make sure we’re taking notes today. You’re going to want to. The first point is to remember always to follow the 5-Step Listing Process, the 5-Step Listing Process. Okay, This is a process Mike Ferry developed years ago when he was a Real Estate Agent and he explained that he was going out to people’s houses and not getting the contract signed or he couldn’t get it signed that night. It would take follow-up and follow-up and eventually get it signed. So he’s trying to figure out how can I avoid it taking more than one appointment with the Sellers. How can I make sure I get it the night I’m there and make sure that I get the listing? So Mike developed this 5-Step Process. It’s very simple, but let’s make sure we write down the first step. Okay.


Step 1: Prequalify the appointment


Step number one is to prequalify the appointment that you just said. Prequalify the appointment. Now we want to prequalify 100% of the people. 100% of the time. No exceptions. No exceptions to that rule. Prequalify every appointment before you go out. Okay. Remember, it determines if the Seller is serious or not. Okay? It determines the Buyer. If you’re prequalifying a Buyer, it determines their level of seriousness. It gives you their concerns and their objections ahead of time. So I can get ready for that. If I know that he’s got more agents or I know he’s looking for a lot of marketing or I know he’s looking for a low commission or a high price, if I know what the objections are, then I can prepare for that in advance. Who wants to go unprepared? Right, Exactly. Okay. It demonstrates when you prequalify your professionalism. Demonstrates your professionalism. It also gives you by prequalifying you learn a lot more about the Seller, which gives you the information you need to build rapport and to make it a really effective appointment that night. Okay. So always prequalify. “But Ron, do I have to prequalify my friends?” Yes. Okay, everyone. So I’m going to say it again. 100% of the people. 100% of the time. No exceptions. That’s pretty easy to follow.


Step 2: Mail or deliver a Pre-Listing Packet


Write down step number two. Once we’ve prequalified and we’ve got everything we need, then we either mail or deliver a Pre-Listing Packet. Mail or deliver a Pre-Listing Packet. The packet is designed to help the Sellers get ready for the appointment. Mike says the purpose of the packet is to answer their questions in advance so that it’s easier for them to make a decision when you arrive. So it’s designed to answer their questions. Okay, remember the packet is not designed to show you off. It’s not about you, it’s not about your company. It’s designed to answer their questions. What do they want to know? How much will my home sell for? How much is it going to cost me? How long will it take? And what are you going to do to sell it? Those are the four basic questions I’d say pretty much every Seller has. They don’t want to know, “Hey, where did Ron go to school and what does he think about Real Estate?” And, you know, they don’t want to know about us typically. All right. Especially not at this point in the game.


What does the listing packet contain?


So to answer those four questions, I’m going to say it quickly. Here’s what goes in that packet. A list of personal references with names and phone numbers, your Plan of Action. Right. The steps you’re going to take to get the home sold. Make sure you have that. A copy of your track record or a copy of your company’s track record or if you don’t have either one of those or they’re not very good, well then we’ll just skip that one. Okay. But if you have it, put that track record in there to show them what you’ve done, okay? And that you have the ability to sell the house. Okay.


“The CMA with the price you’re suggesting gets over there in advance


A complete CMA with your suggested price goes in the packet. You send that in advance. The CMA with the price you’re suggesting gets over there in advance and some of you are squirming right now. I know that. You don’t want to tell him in advance. You want to spring it on him when you get there. All right. We might want to think twice about that. Okay. You want to put a completed net sheet, right? That goes along with your CMA and net sheet, showing them all the costs and everything involved in the commission and what they’re going to net at the end. It’s that way. It’s easier for him to make a decision. If you don’t bring a net sheet, well then I guess the Seller is going to have to calculate and estimate what the cost is going to be, and that’s going to prevent him from making a decision with you right now. You see how that works. By sending the information in advance. We’re able to get a decision when we arrive. That’s the whole point. All right.


Add the completed contract to the packet


A completed contract goes in the packet. What? I like to use DocuSign. I know. Me too. And you may end up using that. But while we’re there, you know, maybe you’re going to use DocuSign and have them do it right there and if you’ve got that pretty worked out and it’s smooth and it works when you need it to, I guess that would be okay. But, you know, Mike recommends maybe have them sign that paper copy when you arrive and you can email them a digital copy later. But at least we get their ink on paper and the signature. Okay. A completed contract. So their name, everything goes in there, the suggested price, the commission is in there, the terms is in there. You know, the six months agreement or whatever you’re using. That’s all in there. You’ve signed it and got it ready to go. It’s completed. Ready for the Seller to sign. All right.


Add your disclosure statement 


And then lastly, Mike has recommends we put our disclosure statements in there. Now, for some of you watching, especially those Californians, my fellow Californians, yeah, we have a lot of disclosures in California. Don’t put them all in there. Maybe just the important ones that go along with the listing agreement Agency and the important ones. Okay. And you can bring the others with you, right? You can bring the other stack with you on the presentation and leave them there for them. All right.


Step 3: Confirm, confirm, confirm…


So step one is to prequalify. Then we’re going to mail that package. We’re also going to call back and confirm. We’re going to call back and confirm maybe an hour or two before the appointment. Give them a call, and try to confirm the time. We’re still on for 5:00 PM. All the important decision-makers will be there and they’ve had a chance to review and go over the packet and the numbers and everything. Okay. Confirm that if they haven’t gone over the packet, you might try to encourage them to look at it before you arrive. Otherwise, it’s not going to help you at all. Okay. I’ll say to them, Hey, I put some very important dollar amounts in that packet. Would you take 60 seconds and review it? And they’re like, “Oh yeah, sure, I’ll check that out.” Okay, Thank you. I’ll see you at 5:00 PM. Okay, so we call back and confirm.


Step 4: Show up physically, mentally, and emotionally


And then step four is we show up physically, mentally, and emotionally. We show up physically. What do we wear? Well, I’m just going to say be conservative. Wear a business suit. Okay? Wear a business suit, ladies. Wear a business suit. All right. Professional. Okay. Professional. Dressed professionally. But you got to be careful because I’m in Las Vegas right now and you say dress professionally. It depends on what profession you’re talking about. Okay. Right. But, you know, be conservative, wear a suit, you’re happy, you’re excited to be here. You’re thrilled about the opportunity to help them complete this move. So physically, mentally, and emotionally. Remember, it’s showtime Okay? Everything you’ve been waiting for.


Step 5: Follow the listing scripts verbatim


And then the last step is when you arrive at the house, you want to follow the listing scripts verbatim. Okay. Follow those verbatim. “Well, Ron, I don’t really like the presentation.” That’s okay. Follow the scripts verbatim. Remember that the appointment script, the prequel script, the packet you sent and then the presentation you give all work together. See this. They all work together. If you do all those steps and then you do this, your own presentation, that’s going to be really awkward for the listener. It doesn’t make any sense. Okay, so the whole thing works together.


If you don’t think that these five steps I talked about apply to you, generally we have an ego issue.


Now, if you don’t think that these five steps I talked about apply to you, generally we have an ego issue. Generally, that means there’s something wrong. Something’s going on. You know better. All right. But that five-step that’s going to help your presentation dramatically, that you follow those, it’s going to increase the likelihood of you getting it and getting it the night that you’re there. So have fun with that. All right.


Prepare a Pre-Prospecting Routine


Now, I have a lot of material to cover, so let’s keep moving. Okay. For your Listing Presentation for you yourself, consider creating a pre-prospecting routine. A pre-prospecting routine. Okay, maybe 15 or 20 minutes where you get your head in the game and you get aligned with the activity and your goals and you get it all together. Okay? And those of you that have prospected or those of you that have gone on an appointment, you know what I’m talking about how important it is to get this in here. So I’m sorry. I think I said a pre-prospecting routine, but I meant to say a pre-appointment routine. Okay. A pre-appointment routine. So it would include getting your mindset in order, practicing that presentation, maybe go through it once or twice. It only takes 10 or 12 minutes to do it. Maybe you go through it once or twice looking and dressing professionally, ensuring you have all the proper materials and you’re used to where they are and where to point and which materials to use. This can all be practiced and rehearsed on a daily basis so that when you go out once or twice or three times a week, when you go out, you’re ready to go, right? Like referring to the points and turning the comps around and showing the Seller and going over how many bedrooms, how many baths, how many square feet. Right. Being able to do that where it’s smooth, that’s going to come from you and all the practice that you do. Okay.


Be Punctual

So make sure that you are part of your routine would be being early or at least being punctual. Okay. And being 15 minutes early at that appointment where you can sit out in the car and kind of prepare, go through your notes again, and get your mindset in order, right? Block out everything that you’re going to do before you walk up to the door. Remember that they always give the listing to the person who earns it, not the one who needs it. But they give it to the one who earns it and you’ll earn it by having good skills and by practicing a lot and developing the skills. And I’ll tell you what the Sellers will really appreciate a beautifully practiced, rehearsed professional presentation versus what you may be doing now. I’m not sure. Okay.


Record your listing presentation role play


All right. Well, how do you know if you’re improving, how do you know if you’re getting better? Well, record your presentation live on a regular basis. Maybe ask a seller if they allow you to record it and maybe a video or maybe an audio recording. Definitely record yourself in role-play. You know, do an official dress rehearsal Listing Presentation where you got to Sellers and you sit down and you present to them and just get in the habit of doing it. And like I said, using the materials. It won’t take very long and you’ll be great at it. It’ll improve dramatically with practice. Okay.


Practice makes perfect


Part of the fear that you may be experiencing with going out and making a presentation is that you haven’t done it before and so allow yourself some mistakes. Allow yourself that you may not get them all in the beginning, right? Allow yourself the chance to go out, mess it up, make an adjustment and it just gets better every time you go. Eventually, you won’t be making mistakes anymore. Okay, the confidence is going to come from the knowledge you have. Remember that knowledge equals confidence. Ignorance. You know or if I don’t know, something will that equals all the fear that I have. Okay, so knowledge equals confidence. So if you have a canned presentation on and you know what to say and you rehearse it all the time, ha, you’re going to be beaming with confidence when you get there. Okay?


Pro-Tip 1: First impressions are critical


Listing Presentation. Remember, first impressions are critical. That includes everything from the clothes you wear to how well you’re groomed, to whether your shoes are shined, the smile on your face, and the strength of your handshake. That handshake says a lot to people. Okay? And when I teach seminars for fun, I go around and I shake people’s hands just to test out their handshake. And oh, boy, sometimes you’ll get that. They’ll shake your hand. They’ll give you that wet fish, you know, Hey, that says a lot. And especially in this area, right? So a firm handshake, you know.


Pro-Tip 2: Upgrade yourself and your confidence


Consider upgrading everything to become a great presenter. Maybe you have one suit. That’s the one you wear on the presentation. You keep it in the glass box ready to go like Superman. Right. But consider upgrading everything. Your smile, your grooming, everything that you’ve got so that you come across better as a professional. And it looks like you deserve the amount of money that you’re charging. Right? I think that’s important. You know, showing up in jeans and a t-shirt asking me for $55,000 in commission. Whoo! That’s hard for me. Someone who wears a suit all the time. Okay. All right.


Pro-Tip 3: How to win listings in Real Estate? Asking good questions


A couple more thoughts. This listing presentation is basically a sales presentation and sales presentation requires asking good questions. A good presentation is asking good questions. Right. If I’m presenting this object and I’m trying to sell this object to you, I’m not going to explain it to you. I’m not going to describe it for you. I’m not going to tell you all the things and what I think about it. I’m going to ask you questions about your needs, about your wants. And then see if I can match those up with this product or this service. Right. Selling is asking questions. It’s not telling people what you think. Selling is not telling people what you know. All right. “Ron, Ron, how do I get better at asking questions?” Well, for now, just commit to following the script. You’re safe. If you follow the script, you’re within the lanes. You’re going the right direction. You know, you might be a teller or someone who talks a lot. That’s okay. But during the presentation you commit to the script. It makes it easy for you. What to say is perfect in the script and I’m referring to the Mike Ferry Listing Presentation that you can download from Mike Ferry, the Mike Ferry website under Resources and all the Scripts are there. This is one of them that you can download for free. All right.


Pro-Tip 4: Questions NOT telling


So the Listing Presentation. Questions not telling. Okay. Now my last thought for you is that we want you to work under the assumption that because you prequalified and because you’ve had these conversations work under the assumption that they’re going to hire you and that you can use the One-Minute Listing Presentation to do it. That’s right. I said a One-Minute Listing Presentation. Again, you need to download those from the website. Okay. But if you set the appointment using the script and you prequalify and ask all the questions, you are set up to walk in and do the Mike Ferry One-Minute Presentation. It’s basically asking them three questions. One of them is the close, so it works out easy. Raise your hand if you’ve gone to the house, done the one minute and they sign the contract. Will it happen without prequalifying? Probably not. Will it happen if you don’t follow the five steps? Probably not. Remember the packet answering all the questions, the prequel that all set it up so that when I walked in, they were ready to go. Okay. All right, good.


Pro-Tip 5: Give them all your answers in advance as self-screening 


Now, I know some of the fear is that if you give them all the answers in advance, well, then they won’t meet with you or they’re going to cancel the appointment. But again, remember their reaction to information and the data and the truth and the statistics. Their reaction is very important to you, isn’t it? I mean, this whole process, let’s you know how serious they are as a Seller. Let you know, how likely they are to move forward. It’s all part of it. And some of these steps people bounce. They don’t want to. Okay. And I can understand that. But I’d rather have you send the information and then save the appointment. If they call to cancel. Save the appointment. Okay. All right. Good. Okay.


Download and use scripts this week


Our last thought for you and I’m going to give you a little homework assignment, which is to download the One-Minute Presentation and the CMA Presentation from the Mike Ferry website if you don’t have them already. Download those as a homework assignment. Okay. And I want you to remember that I’m going to read this to you. A poorly scripted presentation delivered with great energy and enthusiasm can win a lot of the time. Like if you only have energy and enthusiasm and your script is kind of “eh” can win a lot of the time just with the enthusiasm and the smile and the energy. Okay. However, a well-practiced, well-rehearsed, scripted presentation delivered with energy and enthusiasm, it works all the time! Hands down. So start the job of becoming a great presenter. And I think the key for most of you watching is going to be the practice in this little area of your business. Thanks for watching. Mike Ferry TV. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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