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Enhance Your Skills and Strengthen Your Roles as Listing Agents and Negotiators

Welcome and good morning. My name is Sabrina Ferry, and I have the privilege of hosting Mike Ferry TV. It is the week of June 17th, and it is an exciting time around the Mike Ferry organization. We have a lot of stuff happening this week, and as you may know, we have been doing what we call the Mike Ferry Superstar Tour. Mike and I have had the opportunity of traveling all over California, Nevada, Utah, and of course, Arizona, promoting our upcoming Superstar Retreat and also talking about the changes that are coming to our industry on August 17th.

Embracing Industry Changes

You know, it’s been interesting to watch. There has been a fair bit of fear regarding the changes that are coming, and honestly, Mike has been spending his time talking with all the agents that we’ve had the opportunity of seeing already that this really isn’t something for us to fear. It’s something for us to embrace. We have an opportunity, and it will be this challenge for us of improving our skills and becoming stronger listing agents and, obviously, better negotiators if you are a buyer’s agent. So, all in all, this is an opportunity to raise the level of skill that exists in this industry.

Now, if you’re watching Mike Ferry TV, you’re probably already aware that Mike has always believed that skills are the answer. You have to have a basic, fundamental knowledge of sales skills to succeed. The bottom line is whether you use social media, if you’re farming, if you’re using funnels, if you’re using any of the magic answers that are out there, at some point in time, you have to have a conversation with a seller or a buyer. What are you going to say? How strongly can you say it? Meaning, how convincing are you? Do you have the authority that the person who you’re presenting to will look at you and say, “This is the person that I want to work with.”

This is the reason why Mike has said, learn what to say, learn who you should be talking to, learn how to pre-qualify them, learn how to present and handle objections, and, of course, ask for the close. This is an opportunity that we all have to look at and say to a seller in the next month or so. Actually, August 17th has been the date that they’re going to make. The changes were announced that when you sit down with the seller, can you explain to them clearly and effectively what the seller’s options are regarding commission? Can you also sit down with the buyer and explain what the benefit is of working with you exclusively, as they now will have to sign a buyer’s agreement before touring a home? And that means, obviously, in person or virtually, there’s a lot of changes.
But yet, you know, the one thing that we’ve always known is change is the only constant. So this is something that we have a choice. We can either fear the changes that are coming. And trust me, there are a lot of people out there who are running around saying, “Don’t be left behind. Know this, do that.” And things have changed since they started all of that. So don’t get caught up in the fear. Take a look at this and say, “What is your plan for becoming a stronger listing agent and a stronger presenter for your buyers?” This is something that I’m going to challenge you on, because I actually saw a post the other day that talked about the fact that someone who is in real estate said that their job is not a salesperson, but it was something like a facilitator, and they’re just going to guide you through the journey of real estate.

Seller’s Key Questions

Well, you know, for all of you who are listing property, you already know that from today, go back 20, 30, 40, 50 years or longer, the same four questions have always been asked by sellers. They want to know, “What is my home worth?” “What are you going to do to get my home sold?” “How long will it take for my house to sell?” And then, of course, the last one is, “What is it going to cost them? What is your commission?” Now, those questions have remained the same through all these years. Mike will tell you that it’s really important that you know the responses to those four concerns and questions that a seller has.

My question to you is, what is your mindset about the word salesperson? Do you see yourself as a strong salesperson, or do you see yourself as a facilitator? When someone hires you, they have the specific goal for you to sell their home. They want to know that you can do it. So have the skills and the strength to be able to show them that you’re the right agent for the job. And it starts with what your mindset is about the word salesperson.


Evaluating Your Sales Skills

The second one I want to talk about is your skill level. Do you have the skills of a strong salesperson? Do you have the skills of a weak salesperson? Sales skills are something that you always want to work on and improve. You look at anyone who has mastered their craft in any kind of business or endeavor that they have, whether it be a sports athlete who practices every day to get stronger, better, faster, whether it be a musician who practices all the time to get better, to be able to enhance their skills, or whether it be you as a salesperson, do you have a method of getting better for your skills? What are you doing?

And the third point is, you guys are going to love this one. Discipline. Do you have the discipline to do what it takes to succeed? You know, a little while ago at one of our management retreats, we had the good pleasure of having both Jeanne Lafaurie and Mike Miller from Century 21. Gino, obviously from BHS, talking about the fact that too many people give up too soon. Are you giving up too soon? How committed are you? How disciplined are you to achieving the goals that you have set to get that sales skill to a higher level, that you can finally see that you are getting stronger and better? That when you do answer a seller’s questions or a buyer’s questions, you answer with confidence, and you know that you have the skills to help this person achieve what they’re asking you to help them with.


Mindset, Skills, and Discipline

Think about those three words: mindset, skills, and discipline. Look at those words and say, “Is that something that you need to improve upon?” If the answer is yes, you already know that Mike Ferry has a strong structure for working on all of those. That is the Mike Ferry Sales System. If you’re already involved with us, take yourself through the 21 points of the Mike Ferry System and rate yourself and see which areas you need to improve in.

That is the thing that is going to make a huge difference as we move forward to the changes that are coming in this industry. But also, whether that were to happen or not, this is something that will make you a better salesperson, and I’m assuming that’s always been the goal. Now, with that said, I’d also like to take a moment to talk about two things that are coming up. The first is our annual I Made a Difference day. We call it IMAD, I Made a Difference Day. It is in honor of Mike’s birthday. This is a man who has made such a difference in the lives of so many people that we ask everyone on June 20th, which is his actual birthday, to go out and do something to make a difference in someone’s life, whether it be buying the person behind you at Starbucks their coffee, whether it be donating some time, making a donation to a charity of your choice, do something to make a difference on June 20th. If you’re willing to share, we’d love to hear from you as to what you have done so we can share this with Mike.

Upcoming Superstar Retreat

And obviously, the second thing is to say to you that on July 16th through the 19th, here in Las Vegas, we will be hosting the Superstar Retreat. This is the big event where agents from all over the country come together to learn, to grow, and to network. It’s an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the Mike Ferry System, to learn from top producers, and to get the motivation you need to finish the year strong.

With all of that said, I want to thank you for joining us on Mike Ferry TV. We are excited about the changes that are coming and the opportunities they bring. Remember, it’s all about mindset, skills, and discipline. Work on those three areas, and you will see significant improvements in your business. Have a great week, and we look forward to seeing you at the Superstar Retreat in July. Thank you!

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