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8 Thoughts To Keep Your Mindset More Positive

Keep Your Mindset More Positive

Welcome and good morning to Mike Ferry TV the week of Monday, March 6th, 2023. You know, it’s so interesting to me that in 30 days, the first quarter of this year will be gone. And of course, you will hear me say on a repetitive basis, how well are you doing? Are you off to a good start? And if you haven’t been off to a good start, it’s never too late.

“We should declare the month of March to be Mindset March.”

Because as I said last week, we still have in this case, ten full months to go out and achieve the goals we’ve set. My wife, Sabrina came up with a great idea. She said, “There’s just so many people in Real Estate that have gotten off track mentally more than in terms of their work habits and as a result, a lot of people’s mindsets have taken a move in the wrong direction.” So Sabrina said, “We should declare the month of March to be Mindset March.” And I said, “Well, what would that look like?” She goes, “We need to only give the most positive messages possible to all of our prospects and all of our great clients.”

So I wrote down the following since we’ve decided to call the month of March, Mindset March, or strengthening your mindset and not letting the negativity of the world and the business around us affect us. Let’s use the following points. Really, in addition to the points that I brought up last week.

Negative thinking is more powerful than you think

I wrote down first, remembering that negative thinking, which everybody experiences at some point in their life, is always more powerful than positive thinking. And the reason it’s more powerful is that more negative thinking we’re exposed than positive thinking. If you think about it, when was the last time you turned on the news in your home, on the TV, or in your car and heard any good news? I used to use the example all the time. When’s the last time you heard that 3652 commercial planes took off and landed at the local airport and not one crashed? Boy, what great news! Well, if one does, unfortunately, does crash, we hear about it for months. People love to spread negativity. Your job or my job is to stay away from it because we know that it is a force in our lives. I wrote down, we have to do everything we possibly can to eliminate negative thinking from our lives every day.

Keep your mindset more positive

The second thought I wrote down is to keep your mindset more positive, we should work on developing a strong desire to achieve our business goals and our personal despite the daily ups and downs we all encounter. You know, wouldn’t it be life? Wouldn’t it be great if life was like they show in the movies where it’s all sweet and lollipops and candy and sugar and people laughing and smiling? and telling jokes? You know, we have to live our lives as Real Estate professionals. You know you call a lead and they’re not there. You call a lead and they say, okay, let’s get together on Wednesday and you call back to confirm on Tuesday and the phone number is changed or you have a listing that doesn’t sell or a deal that falls apart. You know, these are called life’s experiences and this is how we learn. This is how we grow. This is how we become stronger. This is how we become more e. But to really keep your mindset on the most positive note possible, in my opinion, if we just simply say to ourselves all the good things I’m doing today, in spite of the world, are getting me closer to the overall goals that I’ve set for myself, my family, my business, my production, and my income, and understanding that there are going to be days that are not as good as others. It’s just called the process.

Ways to keep your mind strong and positive

I wrote down the third thought, to keep our minds strong and positive, consider trying any of the following. Reading a few pages daily of an inspirational book, you know, I heard a report years ago that they’re publishing 45,000 to 50,000 books a day here in the United States throughout North America, 45,000 to 1o0,000 new books a day. I’ll bet you could find one today if strong was really a very strong, positive influence on other people as well as yourself. And if you take two or three minor t breaks a day for 10, or 15 minutes and you read four or five pages of a good book, it has to have an effect that is very positive on your activities and your thoughts and how you talk to and see other people.

Listen to CDs or Podcasts

I wrote down listening to inspirational CDs or watching podcasts you know, I mean, there are so many great people out there that have such great messages they give. I mean, you think about the Zig Ziglar’s and Earl Nightingale’s and Brian Tracy’s and Tony Robbins and all these inspirational people. If you watch 5 or 10 minutes of them a couple of times a day. It’s pretty hard to be depressed and it’s pretty hard to be negative.

Spend time with people who do more work than you

I wrote down, Consider spending time with people that do more work in Real Estate than you do in terms of productivity. There probably is somebody in your office that you could say to them, Would you mind having breakfast or lunch with me and the treat’s on me? I just want to ask a few questions about how you do the incredible job you do. And you know what’s interesting is people that are good at what they do are always willing to share how they do what they do.

Use a Mike Ferry Event as a Mental Reset

I wrote it down and you’ll probably put a smile on your face on this one and consider attending two or three MFO events each year, starting with our Retreat coming up in July, which I mentioned to all of you last week.

Write your daily affirmations

But then I wrote down aforethought, don’t forget the power of affirmations. The power of affirmations. I told some people last week that I think the power of affirmations is the one thought most of us don’t think about enough because as I wrote down, they work both in positive and negative manners. If you tell yourself you can do something on a regular basis, you’re affirming to yourself that you can actually do it. But if you tell yourself you can’t do something, negatively using the power of affirmations in a negative manner? So think about what self-talk is during the course of a day. As you look at the fact that you have to prospect for an hour. As you look at the fact that you’ve got an appointment coming up and you’re not prepared. Think about the self-talk, because see, I have always said if you walk up to a door and say, “Not only are these people going to be home, but they’re going to be excited to talk to me and they’re probably going to want to list their home.” Such a better thought than saying, “I hope they’re not home, I hope they’re not home, I hope they’re not home.”

“Attitude, Approach, and Expectations”

Then I wrote down this other thought. Since a major portion of our success is based upon these three words, attitude, approach, and expectations our life is really based upon attitude, approach, and expectations, which it is based on, those three words understand the power of a strong, positive attitude. I talked about it last week. Understand the importance, of a strong business-like approach and then of course, understand the importance of the expectations. I tell our staff every week that this particular week we did the best MFTV we’ve ever done. That’s the expectations that I have in the delivery, of the message to you, the reception by you and the use of the information. So as Sabrina said, “We have declared this Mindset March.” It’s going to be a great month to adjust everything going on in your head. And let’s use the Mike Ferry TV message as we’re delivering as one of the avenues to make it happen. Be strong, be positive. Be productive. Be profitable. Those will work for you. Thanks for today.

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