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Testimonial Spotlight:

Gaylee Weinberg picture

“I’ve been with The Mike Ferry Organization since 2002 because our mission is simple … To increase agent productivity.

As a Coach my job is to help my customers make money and improve the quality of their business … and their lives.

Some of the people that I work with have better skills than discipline … so we work a lot on mindset, accountability and integrity. Others don’t know what to say or how to handle objections … So, we focus on Mike’s proven script and presentation skills. People join Coaching because Coaching makes people better. It’s a fact … and it doesn’t matter whether you are a top producer, rookie, athlete, corporate executive, entertainer or any other working person … we simply cannot change our thinking with our thinking.

If you want to get to the next level … you have to have a map to get there. Like any journey you need a GPS. Mike Ferry Coaching is a Business GPS. Sometimes the road is bumpy… And it’s also a lot of fun!

I am a professional, Mike Ferry Sales Coach … And I make a difference.”

-Gaylee Weinberg, MFO Coach

For more than 45 years Mike Ferry has been committed to increasing agent productivity. Here are some things our clients are saying:

“Yesterday, I woke up feeling down and not wanting to go in the office to prospect or do anything. I called a friend of mine who enrolled in ADAPT. After talking with her, I noticed her energy was high, very positive and excited to be prospecting. This morning, I decided to sign up for ADAPT and the mindset was perfect for me to listen to today. Thank you!”

Jose M

“By far the best Real Estate coaching company out there! It’s not by accident either. It is said that after doing something for 20 years you become a master… well, double it.”

Francisco L.

“So very grateful and again I need to say sincerely “Thank You” for having such a wonderful impact in my learnings in life and business. I got very lucky when I decided to change my career that I went to a MFO Productivity Workshop … I have NEVER looked back!”

Lenny L.

“Incredible organization and the highest producers. After reviewing several programs, I chose The Mike Ferry Organization due to their professionalism and consistency with top producing agents. To date, I haven’t found another organization that coaches the equivalent caliber of agents. The agents are supportive, collaborative and the coaching certainly motivates you and gets you to the next level.”

Erik H.

“I joined Mike Ferry three months ago so I can get a structured system and processes in order to get to my income goals. I discovered through coaching how I need to improve my prospecting skills, my organization, my schedule, and more. I definitely recommend joining Mike Ferry Coaching.”

Gino B.

“I am really enjoying coaching so far and it has helped me grow my skills and mindset. The Mike Ferry Organization is changing my life and I am glad I am learning how to be a strong Listing Agent and succeed at a high level the right and best way possible.”

Christian M.

“The Mike Ferry Organization has totally changed my Real Estate career. Because of Mike Ferry and his system, my husband and I were able to pay for all of our children’s college tuition, take amazing trips and have an amazing life! Thank you!”

Calla R.

“I was struggling as an agent. I quickly learned that I didn’t have the right skills and presentations to be successful at selling a lot of homes and helping many clients achieve their dreams, so I got involved with The Mike Ferry Organization and I have become a top producing agent over the years, using the skills and presentations that I learned at this amazing company! I have been blessed and I’m very thankful to Mike Ferry for giving me these tools that I have used to create an awesome lifestyle!”

Ramon S.