What Exactly IS Social Media

Mike Ferry teaching a group of Real Estate Agents

Is social media a business getting device….an advertising device….a branding device….a marketing device….a sales device…..a production device….an income device….a profit device….what exactly is it…?

Before you get angry and prepare to write me a short or long nasty response….is it a communication device…is it a place where we can finally say what we want with limited consequences….is it a place to hide…is it a place to spend hours a day and say you were working?

Is it a device you can use to avoid talking directly to people? Exactly what is this thing called social media?

If you are on LinkedIn….do you want to know someone’s political beliefs….do you want to know their religious beliefs?  Yes…you probably want to know about a new listing ….it’s supposed to be a business to business communication device…a place to share business ideas…tactics…thoughts.

If you are on Facebook….do you really want to know where people went on vacation….that they had dinner with friends last evening….that they are going to a movie or concert this weekend…or scroll through photo after photo of people you don’t know…FYI…I’m not on Facebook but these are the kinds of things I hear people say.

So now that a few of you are nodding in agreement to these thoughts and many are saying Mike Ferry is “ out of touch with today…is clueless as how business operates today…needs to go home and stay home….can’t relate to today’s business environment…doesn’t have a clue what this generation wants…” and all the rest I keep hearing … what I would like you to consider is this…what is your defined purpose with your social media activity? Honestly how much time are you spending on social media daily? If you’re using it for a business getting tool, are you getting the lead generation results that you want…are you getting the likes…the comments…reactions…the messages….the leads that you want?

Have you sourced your business this year…honestly looked at where your business comes from….how much comes from social media? Be completely honest with yourself because if you want transaction growth in 2020 in what is probably going to be a transitioning market you have to define in depth your business growth strategies and the results you expect. Social media ….just a thought….may not be the answer to all things Real Estate. I say that because every day through social media someone is stating they have the latest and greatest new answers!

Look up “social media” online. Social media refers to websites and applications that are designed to allow people to share content quickly  … the problem is that information may or may not be relevant or of interest to anyone. Here’s a thought …. If you only have so many hours in a day … do you want to share content with the masses …. or find a qualified Buyer or Seller? The choice is yours.