Top Real Estate Coach Shares Wealth Habits from Millionaires

“How can I become a millionaire?” It’s probably the most common and basic question people have regarding achieving success. Most measure success by the level of wealth accrued as much as by the satisfaction we get from our jobs. Now, Mike Ferry, a top Real Estate Coach, is ready to share the secret. Learn the top wealth habits shared by millionaires all over the world, and how you can make these habits work for you and your business.

Mike Ferry on stage with other Real Estate Agents

Wealth Habits of Millionaires

There are a number of very basic habits you can develop to build the skills that make people millionaires when properly applied. A few of the most important wealth habits and skills to have include:

  1. 1. Communications skills

2. A focus on profit

3. Relationship building and networking

4. Decision making

If these seem simple, on the surface, they are. That means they are achievable too.  Let’s look at each in detail.

Mastering Communication Skills

It’s very simple: communication translates into wealth. Your entire life depends on communication and that includes your success. You need to be a master of communication. Look at the highest-paid celebrities, politicians and motivational speakers, and you’ll see they have one thing in common. They are all masters at the delivery and reception of ideas, and that’s what communication is, in the end.

Being a great communicator means being willing to face rejection. You need to put yourself out there and get over your fear of speaking your mind to others, and of speaking in front of others. If you can do that, you’ll be on your way.

A Focus on Profit

If you focus on what makes money first, money will follow. Your mindset and your attention determine the reality you face every day. That means if you are attentive to making money, you’ll be motivated to make it happen. The wealthiest people understand that making money starts with your attitude, outlook and mindset. You have to change how you think to change your financial situation.

Mike Ferry on stage shaking hands with someone

Relationships and Networking

There’s an old saying that states, “it’s all in who you know,” and this is entirely true. If you want to be successful, you need to have the ability to make friends with those who can bring you success. Get out there, get to know the movers and shakers in your industry, and get on good terms with them. The more you network, the more you create a group of trusted associates who can guide, advise and even help you out when you need it. Bonding with other people is essential to making money.

Good Decision-Making Skills

Rich people can make decisions with authority and confidence. No matter how busy you are, you need to be able to shift gears on a dime, prioritize the most important tasks, and get them done. Don’t waste time on debates; just make a decision and go. You’ll find that you win far more often than you lose when you do this.

Learn More Secret Wealth Habits of Millionaires

These are just a few of the secret wealth habits of millionaires. To discover how to seize an opportunity, use wealth to make wealth and other secrets, attend Mike Ferry’s Production Retreat West and MFO Academy in 2020. To register and learn more about these events and others that can help you join the Top Producers, check out the Mike Ferry Events Archive today.