Mike Ferry’s 2019 Superstar Retreat | Skills Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know

We are now approaching almost 50 percent of this year behind us. I hope that you’re having some level of success and you’re accomplishing the plans you’ve set for yourself. I’m going to do something a little different today. Write down the number 30, then write down 30, then 30 and 30. Today I’m going to share what I’m doing in about six weeks in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you’ve ever attended our Superstar Retreat, it’s an action packed, fact filled, production based four days. Not a lot of hype. Not a lot of excitement. We’re not jumping up and down, singing songs or rubbing each other’s backs … we’re not all yelling, “Yay, yay, yay!”

We’re there to learn how to sell real estate in higher volume. How be more professional in our approach, and how make more money.

So I’m going to spend four days, and it’s going to be very intense, because today’s market demands it. When you’re in a flat or declining market, you’ve got to be more intense. I’m really committed to the intensity of what we’re going to cover. If you want to be part of that at the end of this video, call my office and get involved.

Day 1: 30 Prospecting Skills

So on day one I’m going to spend the whole day on 30 separate prospecting skills. Now, I want to say some to you. You know, the M.O. on Mike Ferry for the last 40 years has always been the same. “Don’t go to Mike Ferry! Don’t listen to Mike Ferry! All he wants you to do is prospect all the time.”

I would say to you, and I want you to think about this for just a minute. How do you expect to get listings and make sales if you don’t talk to people? Now think about it realistically. How do you expect to get listings and sales if you don’t talk to people?

See, there’s so many fallacies in our business today, and let’s face it … there’s hundreds of great speakers presenters out there trying to convince you to follow the advice they give. And I’m going to say something which probably would offend most of them and hopefully not offend you. But see most of the speakers trainers and coaches are trying to get you to like them so you’ll come back and follow them. And I’m not trying to get you to like me, why? Because I’m trying to get you to be productive as a real estate agent and if you’re going to be productive you have to learn to talk to people. I mean, how do you get listings if you don’t talk to people? Now you’re going to say, “well, I’m doing things for them to call me.” Then you have to talk to them.

OK? Whether you’re calling them or they’re calling you. OK? Whether you’re sending them an email, or they’re coming to you through the Internet, or you’re contacting a Past Client or For Sale By Owner, conversations are required. So on the retreat this year, at the retreat on day one, I’m going to give you 30 skills to make you a better prospector. Not 30 prospecting techniques, 30 skills. So you can have the confidence to go out if you want to do five deals a year or 50 or you want to do 200. You have the skills that are necessary to do more business. Day one will be worth the entire four days if you’re there.

Day 2: 30 Listing Skills

If any of the statistics today are even close to being true, that the majority of all listings are taken by a small number of agents, which I believe they are …  you and I have to develop the confidence to go out and meet with sellers, and convince them to list with you over somebody else. The challenge is if you get a referral on a listing, there’s going to be two or three other people that seller’s talking to, and those people probably are good listing agents.

All the top producers should have these skills in their arsenal to become more productive. I think day two is going to be vitally important.

Day 3: 30 Objection Handling and Closing Skills

Day three, I’m going to cover 30 objection handling and closing skills. Sellers give objections. Buyers give objections. We have to learn to respond. And I think once we understand that it’s okay to get an objection, it shouldn’t be something we’re afraid of or frightened of, we’ll be a lot better than we have been in the past.

Day 4: 30 Mindset Enhancers

I’m going to go through what I call a 30 mindset enhancers. How do we stay positive when we’re in a slump … how do we stay positive when a deal falls apart … how do we stay positive when we do contact five of our past clients, and none of them are home, none answer or return the phone call? How do we stay positive when her appointment cancels … how do we stay positive when we lose the listing to a competitor?

Staying positive is the name of the game.

2019 Superstar Retreat

So we’re going to have a very intense four days, and we would like each of you to be part of that. We’re gonna have 4000 plus people at the retreat this year, and you’ll get a kick out of this, I was doing one of my tour stops, which I do in May and June in Los Angeles. A couple of weeks ago. A lady in the audience put up her hand. I said, “Yes ma’am, what is it?”

And she said me in front of the about 200 people, “I need to know how many different speakers you have at your Superstar Retreat.”

I said, “We have one.”

She smiled and said, “Is it you?”

I said, “Of course it’s me.”

She said in a very cautious but very serious tone, “Well, don’t take this personally but I don’t care for you.”

I smiled, in fact I actually laughed and I said, “Okay, we’re even. I don’t care for you.”

She says, “why don’t you like me?”

I said, “Why don’t you like me?”

She say, “oh never mind.”

I said, “well, no let’s think about this.”

Learning to be a great salesperson is not about being liked … this isn’t Facebook, it’s not how many likes you have. It’s how many listings you’re able to get! And there’s one guy in this country today that knows how to get listings better than probably anybody else teaching realtors how to get listings (and you’re watching him right now).

Get Signed Up Today

I’m going to invite you to call the office (702) 982-6260 and ask for one of our sales team … get registered. Let’s have you part of what some would call “a movement” (I don’t think it’s a movement, because I’ve been doing this 44 years … that’s a whole system in place).

I believe if you want to maintain higher level productivity, we have to think like Warren Buffett who said, “if you are learning, you’re probably earning.” I want to keep you learning, and that’s why you watch Mike Ferry TV.

If you’re able to be at the Superstar Retreat, I’m excited! Come and say hello. If you’re not able to be there, I’m still excited, because we’re gonna have 4000 people. Once again, I want to remind you, this is a business meeting … everybody comes dressed professionally with a pen in hand. We have a workbook for you. We’re going to be filling in the blanks, we’re not doing a lot of writing. We’re going to do a lot of interaction, a lot of listening a lot of learning … with the result being a lot of earning.

Let’s have a great year, I’ll see you next week on Mike Ferry TV.


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