Need more business? … Learn the skills necessary to capture, maintain and close
more mortgage business. You’ll also learn strategies, techniques and what to say to
both agents and clients to win their business.

What you will receive:

• 24 powerful 40 minute training calls
• Scriptbook
• Partner Activity Calendar
• Plan of Action
• Access to your coach via email
• Home Builder Profile

Program Highlights:

• How to obtain more agent partners
• Where to find buyers
• How to work with builders
• Scripts and live practice & Role-play
• Handling objections
• Time Management and Schedule
• Business Planning

Powerful call topics:

• Learn the fundamentals of prospecting, helping you secure more business effectively
• Where to find more quality buyers
• Learn how to source and work with home builders
• How to keep your mindset strong and healthy so that you can make fewer calls with better results
• How to overcome objections by asking the right questions.
• Learn how to partner with agents, and what’s important to an agent
• Sourcing and tracking your business for a duplicatable business

Investment: $295 per month for 6 months