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In many ways, a Real Estate Agent is only as effective as the skills and resources you have at your disposal. Like any successful professional, it pays to remain continually educated and informed about the latest developments in your industry. Whether you’re preparing to open your first office or have been selling Real Estate for decades, Mike Ferry’s SELLING Magazine provides a wealth of information to help you improve your career and maximize profitability.

“SELLING magazine contains relevant information about the current market … excellent insight regarding today’s business. It educates and offers suggestions to build your business in a positive and productive manner.” S. Alexander

Invaluable Advice for Real Estate Agents
Each bimonthly issue of SELLING will arrive in your mailbox full of fresh takes on everything from the latest in sales techniques to expert advice for Real Estate Agents. Designed to educate and inspire, SELLING provides an easy and enjoyable way to broaden your perspective on an evolving industry. You’ll also become more aware of proven strategies that work. With each issue, you’ll hear from Real Estate success coaches that have extensive experience teaching agents, brokers, owners and managers how to be more productive.

Need a reliable source for practical tips [that you can use now] to improve your sales skills?

Readers value the expert tips and practical advice they receive by subscribing to SELLING, because it comes from a source they can trust. The Mike Ferry Organization has been a trailblazer in Real Estate coaching and training across North America for more than 40 years. Our teachings are based on a system that is proven to deliver results for Real Estate Agents, so you can reach your potential and master the most effective Real Estate sales techniques.

Mike Ferry’s SELLING Magazine takes the same no nonsense approach as our seminar coaching and Real Estate agent training courses. If you’re not satisfied with your current productivity, this is your opportunity to start moving forward and building a great career. You’ll find everything you need to run your business, including tips on Real Estate marketing, strategies for successful prospecting scripting and actionable advice on how to close more sales.

“SELLING Magazine is packed with practical, how-to information. I use what I learn in the magazine every day.” C. Hansen

When you subscribe to Mike Ferry’s SELLING Magazine you get (6) issues a year filled with articles that cover the full range of Real Estate sales topics – Mindset, Skills, Production, and Profit – bringing you the latest techniques, time-proven methods, solutions from industry experts, and the inspiration to move your business forward.

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