Mike Ferry TV Celebrates Our 700th Episode!

And welcome to Mike Ferry TV, it is the week of February 1st, 2021, and as you can see, we have a little different background than we normally have today. It’s an interesting thing I mentioned last week. We are celebrating our seven 700th episode of Mike Ferry TV. And when Sabrina and the staff brought that number to me last week, I was a little surprised. I didn’t realize we had done as many as we had done. And what – I say this not to be disrespectful, but I’m always amazed that my competitors that, you know, started in, for example, 2018 with their new TV program and are claiming the first to do it. So we started this actually in 2006. So in my notes here and, you know, I always have notes, it started as a simple idea. We were trying to find a way to communicate with Real Estate people in 2006, you know, I mean, it’s faxing and texting and so forth. And so we decided to try this Mike Ferry TV. And our purpose was, of course, to educate, train, motivate, you know, keep you connected to what we feel is the best information for you. And then Sabrina brought up to me that we have now, this was our seven 700th episode. I guess that is the right word for this particular thing. And what’s interesting, if you think about some of the things for those of you that have been around a long time with me, what we’ve been through together, you know, 2008, the world collapsed financially. I know we only think it had happened to Real Estate people.


And and I’m sure every broker, an agent thinks that only happened to them. But it was a worldwide collapse of the world economy. You know, it started in the United States because of some of our financial decisions. But that was also the same month that I don’t think I’ve shared this with you. That was the same month of the collapse, October, when we moved the entire company to Las Vegas, Nevada. And we were excited about the opportunity. And of course, most of the staff that had planned to move because of the uncertainty did decide not to move. So we started to scratch in 2008. And, of course, we started in the worst economy in history here in this wonderful city we’re involved in today. Here’s the good news: We all made it then, of course, 2009 to 2012. The industry, our company, we were rebuilding because, you know, let’s face it, our prices dropped 50 to 60 percent nationwide. The number of transactions went from like six point four million down to like three point six. Even the best agents, their incomes were cut in half. Their transaction count was down. But we felt we had to keep doing this because we felt that the mindset, the skills, the motivation, that little nudge that we always feel we can deliver, was taking place. Then, of course, 2012 came about in the second part of 2012, the whole thing started coming back because with every up there’s a down with every down, there’s an up. So we, boy, were the smartest people in the world, all of us and Real Estate 2009 or 2012 to 2019.


You know, the market was good. You still needed skills, mindset, you still need a motivation. And we continue the program and at times we wondered if we needed it. But, you know, we had a lot of viewers. We still do. So we continued. 2020. Wasn’t that fun? First of March, the world collapsed again. This time, unfortunately, it was a terrible disease which is still in play as we work, called the pandemic, the coronavirus. So here’s what I think is most important that I can share. And we wrote down, no matter what happens, regardless of the market conditions, the state of the economy, the fundamentals for selling Real Estate still and do always apply. So Sabrina and the staff put together the balloons and the seven hundred behind me, which when I walked in the studio, you know, I mean, that’s this is not my style. And of course, they had this incredible 35 pound cake, which after we’re done, my staff is going to enjoy a lot. We’ve never changed the message. And I know that is a criticism for a lot of people, because we believe that you need to be successful and you need to be more successful than you are. And there’s only certain things you can do to make that happen. So we’re going to continue these messages. And I’m looking forward to number 701. This one didn’t have much of a message outside of the fact that balloons and the 700 and a beautiful cake. So I said to Sabrina, gosh darn it, you know, it’s kind of this is kind of tempting. I’m going to at least see her.


We have a winner, no more calls. See you next week. Thanks for your support. See you soon. Thank you very much. Thanks to my staff.