Training Real Estate Agents is one of the most important and most difficult challenges Brokers and Owners face in running a productive Real Estate company.

Almost every Broker uses some type of training as an incentive for an agent to join their team when recruiting. The Office Production Training System is a great training program to integrate into your business if you want consistent results and increased productivity in your sales team.

Here’s how the program works …
A Broker can put 10 agents (plus the Broker/Manager) on a weekly 30-minute training call with an MFO Trainer. The program lasts for 6 months and there are 4 calls a month for a total of 24 training calls. Each agent receives a 75-page workbook with a detailed outline for each call and since the points are pre-printed, the agent will simply fill in a few small blanks versus spending the entire time taking notes. There will be homework assignments given at the end of each call and calls #10 and #21 are designed to be simple question & answer sessions.

Participating agents are permitted to submit, via email, any and all questions that come up during the course of the week, between the calls. The MFO Trainer will respond within 24 hours to each of the questions they receive.

If an agent who is participating were to leave the company during the training period, you could then substitute another agent for the balance of the time. The training investment is $1750 per month for 6 months … or approximately $175 per person for this complete sales training program.

Training investment for 10 agents: $1,750 (USD) per month for a six month commitment. That’s only $175 per agent! 

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