Interview with Mike Ferry Coach – Larry Kozak

Speaker1: And welcome back to Mike Ferry TV. It’s Monday, and we have a great week ahead of us and we have a great person to share our time with. Most of you know, Mr. Larry Kozak, because he’s been on the stage time and time and time again as a speaker and as a presenter, and of course, as a coach. So, Larry welcome from Canada to all of our friends in North America. Nice to have you with us today.

Speaker2: Thank you, Mike. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Speaker1: Well, I have to tell you, we were going to tell all of our viewers, Larry and I were talking a minute ago and because of the pandemic and this terrible COVID-19 instead of Larry and I are seeing each other three or four times a year for a week. We haven’t been together in person to person meeting in probably 18 to 20 months. So, we’re looking forward to this terrible thing ending. So not only can we all have our life resume, but we can spend time together with people that we enjoy, like Larry and Ramona Kozak. So thanks for being a great client, a great speaker, a great coach and a great deliverer of information. So how long have you been coaching for us now? Full time?

Speaker2: I started in 1999.

Speaker1: Well, it’s been quite a long time.

Speaker2: Yeah. Twenty-one years, yeah.

Speaker1: How long has Ramona been coaching?

Speaker2: Maybe close to 15.

Speaker1: Okay. And how long have we been working together because we were working together as a client and as a company before you started coaching?

Speaker2: I heard about Mike Ferry in the spring of 89, and in the summer, I went to Palm Springs in the summer to the retreat. Now 1989, there’s no emails or texting or anything. I mean, it was a hassle, you know, to get a plane ticket and oh, I’m going to the United States. I mean, it was a big deal, and get all the way out there and the pagers, the pagers didn’t work when you’re in the United States. We had pagers then. And I started Real Estate in 1987 in the summer of 87. So, this was a year and a half later. You know, I got involved with Mike Ferry in 1989.

Speaker1: I think it was that same year or a few months before that. We actually started for the first-time doing coaching for people. I think you were in the very beginning of that. I’ve never asked you this question Larry. Do you have a military background because you’re so incredibly disciplined? It just always it always reminds me of being a military person. Do you have a background in the military?

Speaker2: No, I think it was because my mum used to beat me with a stick when I was little, you know? I had strict parents, you know, my dad was European and my mum had a French background and you know, they were old school and all. That’s the way we were kind of brought up. You know, if you said you were going to do something, you did it and to the best of your ability or whatever, just kind of like that. So no, no military background just well brought up, I guess.

Speaker1: Were you brought up in Canada or in Europe?

Speaker2: Yeah. No. In a small village, it’s a small town in New Brunswick, northern New Brunswick, right on the Quebec border.

Speaker1: Oh, that was a long time ago. And when did you come down to the Greater Toronto area?

Speaker2: Well, I came here to live permanently in the early 70s.

Speaker1: Okay, good. That’s great. Well, you know, we’ve been blessed, I want all of our viewers to know this, to have Larry and Ramona a part of our team for a long time And we couldn’t be happier. How many people do you coach? You keep a pretty busy schedule, don’t you?

Speaker2: I have sixty-five right now, plus I’m coaching the Russian coaches in Russia.

Speaker1: Yeah, which is really fun. In fact, Larry and I are going to be in Russia together in a very short period of time, which is exciting to speaking to a lot of these. I have six hundred and fifty agents in Sochi Russia, so it’s going to be an exciting time for us again, and it would be nice to finally be able to shake hands and see you alive instead of virtually all the time. So, Larry, coaching as many people as you’ve coached, I know that there are certain things that you’ve seen in people that make them outstanding. You know, people call them qualities, characteristics. What are what are a couple of the identifying things that our viewers could also do that you and I have seen and so many successful people?

Speaker2: Well, I would say every person that I coach, people join the Mike Ferry coaching not to be mediocre. You know, they join coaching and they’re paying a lot of money every month, and some of them have been up for years and years and years. They’re looking for big time success. And I would say probably every one of my coaching clients have that characteristic, to some degree, that they’re all winners because most of them, they will do what the losers won’t do.

Speaker1: Such a great point.

Speaker2: You know, and I’m Mike, I’m not talking rocket science, I’m talking like, you know, look successful, dress properly, arrive on time. See that sign behind me.

Speaker1: Talk, read people, read it to the audience.

Speaker2: Yeah, it says, talk to people. I leave it hanging there for all my coaching calls to remind every client, you know, because they all ask me, Oh, coach, how do I make more money? I just turn around and go. Well, how do we get more listings? I just turn around and go, Yeah, well, how do I get more sales right here? Yeah. How do I build my database here? I mean, it’s so simple. You know, most of the all these coaching clients have that characteristic that they will do things that they’re winners because they’ll do things that their losers won’t do. For example, I was just thinking about a couple of clients of mine. Now they’re from Toronto, and they joined coaching in 2018. So they’ve been coaching about three years now. Last year, they got up to thirty-six deals and this year right now they’re closing pending at sixty-seven.

Speaker1: Well, that is great.

Speaker2: In Toronto, it’s a million plus dollars for these guys and they’re so excited and they deserve it. I mean that guy was a factory worker and his wife, was a nurse in Toronto. And I mean, these people work, you know, five and a half to six days every week. They make each make 20 contacts a day. They’ve got a bunch of little kids at home. They door knock, phone calls and it’s so great. I mean, I just love it to be involved. I’m so proud of these people and the success they’re having. Another gentleman, Brian Ogletree from Dayton, Ohio. Yeah, salt of the Earth this guy, right? Another factory worker, What is it with factory workers? The discipline. Yeah, and been in coaching since 2015, and I mean, you know, he’ll close 155 deals in Dayton, Ohio, this year. The guy is you asked a lot of questions, this guy, he’s always asking questions. Number one source of business, past clients and Center of Influence. I mean, great customer service. And he always looks nice. Every time I see this guy he comes to the coaching call early in the morning, I’m coaching this guy at 7:30. Always got a shirt and tie on man he looks like a million bucks. Another gentleman, an American guy. Mark McKenna Yeah. From Marlton, New Jersey, been in the Mike Ferry coaching since 2003. 18 Years in coaching. Premier coaching. Last year, he did two hundred and twenty deals and right now he’s at 300 closed and pending. He’ll do 400 this year, Mike, 400 deals using The Mike Ferry Sales System. This guy follows a strict morning schedule and of those 400 deals. He’ll do 200 himself.

Speaker1: That is great.

Speaker2: Number one source of business right here on the phone. Talk to people.

Speaker1: Yeah. You know, you and I have listened to Earl Nightingale thousands of times. The recordings and Earl Nightingale called it the common denominator of success, learning to do the things that unsuccessful people will not do. And that’s really what you’ve identified, which, you know, if we could just get everybody that all of our great viewers on Mike Ferry TV to just stop for a minute and say, just what is one thing I could do today for 30, 40, maybe 50 minutes to separate me from the crowd? They would win, you know, at that point of yours is outstanding. I also know that Larry doing what you are and what I have done for so long as coaches and as agents and running a big team and selling thousands of homes, which you guys have done all this at the same time as well as raising, what, eight children. I mean, you’ve had about nine full time jobs at one time. What are some of the common challenges that you see our clients facing or dealing with on a regular basis?

Speaker2: I like to keep it real simple, Mike. Yes, and the number one challenge they have is they’re missing appointments.

Speaker1: So, what does that mean? Missing appointments? I mean, they have an appointment. They don’t show up? Yeah! Wow.

Speaker2: You know, every one of my coaching clients that I’m coaching currently has five preset appointments every day. When they show up, they have five preset appointments. The first one, arrive on time. That’s the first appointment and they have to bring with them three things. The right attitude, the right approach and high expectations,

Speaker1: So, so clear.

Speaker2: And some of them from time to time, they miss it, I got to keep on them. They miss that first appointment and it’s critical. Yep, second appointment that sometimes they miss and it’s a challenge is their practice routine. How do you get good at anything? You practice and practice and practice. It goes like this here. Mike, this is your practice a little bit then. And then you practice a little more and you a little better and you practice a little more and it goes on top and that goes on top and it goes in the top and you get better and better and better and better and all of a sudden boom. You’re great. You know, you separate yourself off from the rest, it’s that repetitive practicing and practicing and practicing and practicing. You get to be a better listener. You get to be a better agent. The third appointment, that third appointment they miss is the Lead follow-up appointment. That’s preset every day, show up, practice routine and follow up on your needs, that’s a third appointment and this is the appointment where there’s a lot of money made here or a lot of tears shed here, one or the other. Ok. And, you know, I pound on them every day, use the Mike Ferry Lead follow-up system, the little 3X3X5 card, keep them with you all the time, keep them with you, you know, follow the three three rule and know what to say and be aggressive. Be aggressive.

Speaker1: What’s the fourth appointment?

Speaker2: The fourth appointment, of course, is lead generation or prospecting appointment. This is where the rubber hits the road. You’ve taught me and we’ve taught other agents, there’s only three ways to find business. Wait for it, buy it or go and find it. And we promote the going and finding it. It’s predictable, duplicatable and very cost effective. And one thing you taught me many, many years ago the very first time that I met you in July in Palm Springs, and you said that selling Real Estate in high volume is a numbers game. That’s what you said from the stage. And you said that if you know what your numbers are, if you know how many people that you have to talk to to get a lead, how many leads to get an appointment? How many appointments to get a contract, it’s virtually impossible not to reach your goal.

Speaker1: That’s right.

Speaker2: And you know what? I believed you. I believe you. Yeah, I got something right here, I can show you here. This is 1989 and this is the MLS board here in Lindsay, where I am, gave me this award for the agent that sold the most listings, MLS listings in nineteen eighty-nine, that was the first year I got involved with Mike Ferry.

Speaker1: That is outstanding.

Speaker2: It’s a numbers game, if you work the numbers, it’s virtually impossible not to reach your goal.

Speaker1: Impossible to fail if you just keep talking to people and play the numbers.

Speaker2: That’s correct. And then the fifth appointment is real simple, go on an appointment. Get in a house, get and preferably not one that you own.

Speaker1: What a great thought.

Speaker2: How many times have you said over the years you can’t go on too many appointments. You know, you can sit in the office in the afternoon and fool around on TikTok or Facebook or whatever. Or I remember the story. I think remind me about your broker dropped you off down the street. Yes. Well, how did that go?

Speaker1: Well, Pat McVeigh would grab Larry clipping or one of the other people, and he’d say, come on, I want Mike, you and I and we’re going to go for a ride. So, you know, he’s our broker. We’d say, OK, and he would drive about two miles from the office into a neighborhood and he’d say, Let’s get out of the car and we’d get out of the car and he’d say, OK, I’m leaving, and he would just jump in the car and drive away and say, knock on doors until you get back to the office. Well, sometimes we’d be three or four miles away. So, we had one choice. Talk to people or really walk three miles back with being a failure.

Speaker2: Get in a house! Every one time you’re in Toronto. We were doing an event up in North Toronto at the Premier Ballroom. Remember that place? Yep, I remember the ballroom and there was a guy there from Buffalo, New York, and you introduced him at the time. He had done a hundred sales that year. I’d never met anybody that, you know, there’s lots of them now, but back then, thirty years ago or whatever. And so anyway during a break, I made my way over to this guy and I said if there was any word of advice you could give me, you know, to get to the production that you got, what would it be? And he turned to me and he said, Get in a house every day. I never forgot that. Get in a house every day.

Speaker1: I have to tell you, Larry, you know this, this idea of the five appointments, I’ve heard you say it. And of course, you can’t see this, but I’ve written so many notes down to what you said. I hope that all of our viewers are doing the same because this really is invaluable. Show up on time. Do your role play. Yeah, do your lead follow-up, do your prospecting, talking to people and get in a house and talk to people. I wrote all five points down as you gave them, which, you know, here’s the good news, Larry and I know that we never stop learning. We never stop learning a better way to present what it is we have to say. So you’ve done dozens and dozens of seminars for three days, four days at a time representing the company all over Canada and in the US. If you had to give one piece of advice. And of course, I think you could just say, do the five appointments would be a great piece of advice. But what’s one piece of advice you would give these people? Because we’ve been talking now for almost 20 minutes, and that’s usually they ring the bell in my office that I’m supposed to stop. What’s the one piece of advice you would give all these great viewers today?

Speaker2: Talk to people, talk to people, and of course, of course, stay in coaching, stay in the Mike Ferry coaching for as long as you’re in the real estate business. I mean this is a lonely business. It’s very lonely. You know, a lot of the coaching calls. Yeah, 15, 20 minutes I’m giving them, we’re talking about prospecting or a script or an objection, but for a good 8, 10, 12 minutes, sometimes they’re saying Coach Larry, OK, I got this client. They said this. I said that, they said this. I mean, do you know what I’m saying? Like, who else could they talk to? They can talk to anybody in their office because, you know, it’s like hot and cold. You know, they have no idea what they’re doing. So it’s a lonely business. Stay in coaching, you know, be close to your coach. Your coach has, you know, I tell them my number one job: Help you make money. That’s my number one job. You know, that’s the number one job that I have help you make money, stay in coaching and, you know, do what your coach asked you to do. And you’ve been saying this lately. Participate.

Speaker1: Yes. Participate.

Speaker2: You know, I send out a question out … if they don’t answer, man, I’m on that phone. Hey, how come you didn’t answer? Participate.

Speaker1: Yeah, well, I tell you this, this has been a great Mike Ferry TV for all of our viewers and we’ll have a lot of people watching. And then, of course, as you know, what’s going to happen is they’re going to say, I want to sign up for coaching and I want Larry as my coach and I’m going to tell them, you’ll be blessed if you get Larry and Ramona as a coach, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. So don’t hesitate to get involved and participate. But Larry, I am really looking forward to being able to have the borders open between one of my favorite places in the world, which is Canada. As you know, my wife was born and raised there. Born in Germany and raised in Canada. And we’re hoping those borders open up soon so we can, the four of us have dinner and good times together, and we wish all of our Canadian clients the best. And of course, I wish you and Ramona and the entire family the best also. So, I’m going to say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for today. And I’ll sign off by saying, Larry, don’t retire. Keep up the great work. Ok?

Of course. Thank you, Mike.