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When you sign up for Coaching, you are asked to complete a Placement Interview. This is a series of questions about you personally and about your business. This information is given to Mike and Sabrina. The Coach selection is made based on your answers and their knowledge of the Coaches. Our goal is to match a new client with the Coach we believe can help move them forward. Please be as accurate as you can when answering the questions in the Placement Interview.

In the Placement Interview, we do ask if you have a specific Coach in mind that you would like to work with. If it is possible to match you with that Coach, we will. However, their schedules may be full or if based on the answers you provide in the Placement Interview, we believe it would not be a good fit, you will be assigned to a different Coach.
Every Coaching Client is different ... if you are already doing business, we ask that you not stop doing what you are currently doing, however, gradually implement the Mike Ferry Sales System techniques that you will be learning. The Clients that experience the fastest results are the ones who come to every call prepared ... who do their homework ... who have questions for their Coach and simply participate!
There are a minimum of 40 calls. As there are 52 weeks in the year, we allow 12 weeks for things like holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc), coach vacations (2 non-consecutive weeks), the assumption that you may take two 1-week vacations throughout the year, and of course, attending MFO Events.
Unfortunately, once in a while, a Coach and client simply do not work well together. If that happens, we ask you to contact Customer Service. We will transfer you to another Coach, however, MFO also reserves the right to deny a transfer request as multiple transfers will not allow you to develop any consistency with your Coach.
Send an email to RTC@mikeferry.com. Clients are unable to cancel their contract if they are still within their contract commitment.


  • 1. To access the Virtual MFO event, you must have a MikeFerry.com account. Log into your account on MikeFerry.com, if you don’t have one register here.
  • 2. When you access your My Account page, please click the icon displaying the event name.
  • 3. Enter your email address and password for your virtual event (credentials are sent 1 day prior)
Visit MikeFerry.com; click on Log in on the top right. Enter your email and password; under Dashboard, click on virtual event icon on top left; enter your email and password. Note: this may be different from your MikeFerry.com Members credentials.


  • 1. Log in to www.mikeferry.com by clicking the “Login” button in the top right corner of the screen.
  • 2. Hover over “Members” in the main navigation
  • 3. Click on “Dashboard”
  • 4. Click on “Access The Vault” in the left sidebar
You may cancel by sending an email to RTC@mikeferry.com


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