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Virtual MFO Academy | Handling Objections | Ron Cronin

June 24 - June 25


125 USD

The Handling Objections Class will teach agents an effective approach to overcoming and handling today’s objections. The confidence an agent has when they know what to say is a major part of being a great salesperson. The focus will be on what to say and how to respond, taking into account our modern market and moving towards the future.
Virtual MFO Academy – Handling Objections
Day One
9:00 am Objection Handling points 1-11
10:00 am Daily Skill Improvement Activities
11:00 am How to ask Questions
12:00 pm 12 Powerful Objection Handlers
Day Two
9:00 am Objection Handling Points 12-21
10:00 am Reflex No Objections and Importance of Smiling and Agreement
11:00 am PPC…Overcoming Objections Through a Strong Presentation
12:00 pm How to Set up your Workspace to Support your Sales Skills
Note: At the end of each segment, there will be 5 minutes allotted for questions, followed by a 5 minute break

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