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Virtual MFO Academy | Handling Objections

December 1 - December 2


125 USD

The Handling Objections Class will teach agents an effective approach to overcoming and handling today’s objections. The confidence an agent has when they know what to say is a major part of being a great salesperson. The focus will be on what to say and how to respond, taking into account our modern market and moving towards the future.
Virtual MFO Academy – Handling Objections
Day One
9:00 am Objection Handling points 1-11
10:00 am Daily Skill Improvement Activities
11:00 am How to ask Questions
12:00 pm 12 Powerful Objection Handlers
Day Two
9:00 am Objection Handling Points 12-21
10:00 am Reflex No Objections and Importance of Smiling and Agreement
11:00 am PPC…Overcoming Objections Through a Strong Presentation
12:00 pm How to Set up your Workspace to Support your Sales Skills
Note: At the end of each segment, there will be 5 minutes allotted for questions, followed by a 5 minute break

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