The Mike Ferry Organization is Proud to Support ABF

The Andrea Bocelli Foundation (ABF) was created July 2011 and empowers people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, distress due to illness and social exclusion. They support national and international projects with the aim of overcoming these barriers and helping challenged individuals express their full potential. 

How MFO Became Involved

In 2016, Mike and I met Andrea Bocelli through his cousin. He actually came to speak to our Italian clients for free … which was both amazing and exciting! As a way of saying Thank You, we donated to his foundation. We then talked about sharing this foundation with our great North American clients. Before we made that decision though, Mike spent several hours “grilling” Veronica Bocelli about the foundation.

In the end, we decided to introduce the Andrea Bocelli Foundation to our great clients because of the positive difference they make and because 95% of all funds raised go to their cause. This means only 5% of all funds are allotted for administrative costs. If those costs exceed 5%, Andrea and Veronica cover the difference themselves.

As you know, Mike has always been committed to making a difference. This philosophy is similarly shared by Andrea, Veronica and the ABF staff, and we are proud to support ABF in its many endeavors.

Sabrina Ferry
The Mike Ferry Organization

"This is not a time for self-centeredness, because the challenge we are facing is shared by all, without distinguishing between persons.”

Thank You

We would like to extend a special THANK YOU to the founding members of the Superstars of MFO who support ABF.
Your passion and commitment to this cause year after year is both inspiring and humbling.

Thank You to Our ABF Donors

Brian S.
Kim A.
Steven K.
Cindy S.
Paula B.
Vicky B.
Anne D.
Christa E.
Bonney L.
Dinorah C.
Angela P.
David E.
Nora A.
Valerie C.
Cindy F.
Michelle H.
Jean T.
Cindy B.
Jeanny C.
Nancy E.
Rachel F.
Hadar H.
Linda H.
Natasha K.
Amanda K.
Ramona K.
Carly M.
Diane M.
Ann Marie M.
Nancy M.
Susan M.
Bianca M.
Eva M.
Kathy P.
Merita R.
Calla R.
Michelle S.
Gretta S.
Crystal S.
Sabrina W.

Kelly C.
Joel R.
Jacqueline H.
Pamela J.
Meg M.
Beline O.
Susan R.
Carol T.
Tammy W.
Gaylee W.
Jessie W.
George Q M.
Karen B.
Deb C.
Vickie C.
Betsy C.
Shelley K.
Erika R.
Li W.
Judy F.
David A.
Jason B.
Keith B.
Andy E.
Chris F.
Joe F.
George G.
Jeff H.
Michael K.
Lenny L.
Steven L.
Ken S.
Chris S.
Gregory T.
Lance T.
Joan C.
Susanna P.
Amber W.
Elena B.
Judy C.

Wahid A.
Jorge G.
Matt W.
Roxanne D.
Melissa D.
Mahtab E.
Karen F.
Susan F.
Kerry F.
Cydney F.
Debra G.
Susan H.
Rebecca H.
Melanie H.
Anne K.
Donna K.
Makenzie C.
Michelle C.
Gail D.
Sharon D.
Sharon E.
Trish F.
Britney G.
Anna G.
Sandy G.
Crystal H.
Sharyn J.
Vivian K.
Krystel L.
Traudel L.
Melissa L.
Lexie L.
Denise M.
Linda M.
Carlynn M.
Christie M.
Sylvia M.
Marcy M.
Elizabeth N.
Carole P.

Lisa F.
Lexie L.
Iris K.
Raye M.
Cathy P.
Debbie R.
Kathy S.
Patti N.
Lisa B.
Linda M.
Bryan O.
Margaretha W.
Jill B.
Sheila D.
Tina E.
Diana F.
Melida P.
Maryann R.
Marlene R.
Natalie R.
Laura V.
Lisa V.
Wendy H.
Danna M.
Katty C.
Nancy H.
Christie M.
Lindsey H.
Lisa R.
Simone R.
Taryn B.
Tina C.
Janet Y.
John A.
Jason B.
Shiv B.
Zach B.
Lavert B.
David B.
Kenneth B.

Monique L.
Melinda E.
Christen H.
Mela F.
Heather H.
Diane K.
Sofia M.
Karyn M.
Susan M.
Audrey M.
Silvia M.
Grace T.
Diane V.
Susan W.
Pauline W.
Ingrid W.
Amodio C.
Jeremy C.
Ron C.
Brian C.
Spyros D.
Kevin E.
Sam G.
Ross G.
Bert G.
Mark H.
Tom & Lisa H.
Goran K.
Joe L.
Alex L.
Jeff L.
Jack M.
Amit M.
Leigh M.
Chris M.
Matthew M.
Steve P.
Michael R. S.
Brady S.
Neil S.

Pamela R.
Scott B.
MichelleL S.
Shannon B.
Lindsey W.
Bryan B.
Stephen D.
Jeremy S.
Bryan T.
Sandy M.
Angela &Marc T.
Ed K.
Dustin K.
Marc T.
Dean S.
Matt S.
Hal S.
Tim T.
Steve T.
Javier V.
Elvis V.
Andriy V.
Neal W.
Samuel W.
Lori F.
Teresa E.
Michael B.
Frani F.
Candice H.
Marcela K.
Maxine R.
Regina T.
Matt S.
Jamila H.
Yueming L.
Charlotte W.
Starr J.
Michelle M.
Ken P.
Melissa M.