8 Reasons Real Estate Agents Resist Using Mike Ferry Scripts

Last week, we went over the importance of having your 7 Mike Ferry scripts memorized … what happens when you have them memorized, what happens when you don’t have the memorized. I gave you suggestions of how to get that done, and afterword, I received all sorts of notes and e-mails from agents who had concerns.

“The scripts aren’t my style, and I know I don’t know how to memorize them. I’ve used them for years, can’t I just read them off the paper?”

Why do we fight using canned scripts and canned presentations? Because so many of our great agents the scripts memorized to some degree, but not all the way. Right? If you’re supporting yourself, your family, your future, your retirement and your lifestyle with these scripts, it only makes sense to have them memorized! But what gets in the way? That’s what I want to discuss with you today.

1. Your Ego Isn’t Your Amigo

Our egos get in the way … how does our ego get in the way with with a canned script or a canned presentation? It has an opinion about the script. Your ego doesn’t want you to try anything different … it doesn’t want you to try anything new, to expand or to grow. Your ego wants you to stay in what’s familiar … it wants you to stay in the safe zone, or as Mike says, the comfort zone.

As soon as you pull out a script that you’re not familiar with, your ego automatically tells you, “No, script is bad!”

Your ego doesn’t like you speaking differently or asking important questions. It doesn’t want you moving people to the next level … it doesn’t really care if you set appointments or not, your ego. It only wants you to remain in the comfort zone, remember that.

2. You’re A Salesperson, Don’t Fight It!

Oftentimes, we fight using canned scripts and presentations because we don’t want to look like a salesperson … you are a salesperson, but you don’t want to look like a salesperson. You want to look like a realtor, or a “marketing specialist”, or something other than what the job really is. As a real estate professional, you’re supposed to be a salesperson. You may or may not be proud of that, and it could hold you back. If you don’t want to look like a salesperson, you’re not going to want to speak like a salesperson.

3. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone To Grow

Scripts take us out of our comfort zone. It may not be the way you normally speak … it may not be the type of conversation that you’re used to having … it may not be where your conversations typically go. But the script will take you to the appointment, to the signature and to the sale if you’ll allow it. But only if you get out of the comfort zone.

I was once explaining my production goals and my income goals Mike Ferry. He nodded and smiled after I told him and said, “Ron, everything you said you wanted as far as production and income is outside of your comfort zone.”

Which was true. The income was outside of the comfort zone … the production was outside of the comfort zone. I had to accept that everything I needed to do to reach my goals would be outside of the comfort zone, including the way I spoke to people.

4. Take Control Of The Conversation

It’s hard for us to use canned scripts and presentations because we’re used to letting the customer control the conversation … they do all the talking, you do the listening and writing things down … they tell you how it’s going to go, when you’re going to meet and what their strategy is going to be. You just may be used to listening to people and nodding and getting along. But the question is, do you get an appointment at the end? Do you get the signature at the end?

Are you getting the sale? OK. If you’re used to letting the customer take control, it’s going to be hard to use the scripts, because remember … another great point from Mike Ferry, he teaches us that the person in control is the person asking questions. And if you’re following the Mike Ferry scripts, you are definitely asking questions of the prospect, and of the customer or the potential client. OK? So, if you’re used to letting them control the conversation, this is gonna be hard. We want you to be in control. We want you to be asking the questions, we want you to be leading the conversation. Leading it right to an appointment. Leading it right to a sale.

5. Save Time For What Matters

The scripts don’t allow us time for bonding. Oh! Right? They don’t allow us time for bonding. Now, a lot of you, if you haven’t had professional sales training or you’ve been in coaching for a short period of time and haven’t received all the training yet … well, you may be resorting to your, you know, your natural abilities of bonding with people. How do we bond with people? Well, we pretend to be very happy, and we find things in common, and we try to get chummy, and we try to make plans for the future. Right? Bonding techniques.

Well, remember, as a professional business owner and as a professional salesperson, bonding isn’t really required as long as you have great service, and you know how to ask questions to show the value of your service. OK. So if if bonding is your main thing, well, then the canned scripts may be a little difficult for you to use. But if you can be open and let go of those old bonding techniques, realize that you are a great person, that you have great service, and then know how to present it. Well, then we don’t have to, you know, go after some of these old things we used to do.

6. Too Lazy To Learn, Too Lazy To Earn

If we look at number six or letter F, why you know using canned scripts and presentations is so difficult … number six says, we’re too lazy to learn the scripts. We’re too lazy to learn them. Well, that’s fair. Right? I mean, heck, to learn an eleven-question Expireds script, I mean, that could take up to 30 minutes! And who has time for that? You know, you can tell I’m joking. OK. Because the truth is, remember I said it last week, there’s only seven scripts to memorize. The Expired, For Sale By Owner, the Just Listed Just Sold, the Center of Influence, the Pre-qualifying script, the One-Minute Presentation, and the CMA Presentation.

If you think about how much money you’re trying to earn, and he had to learn seven scripts, it doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal. So many of you watching right now are very used to these scripts and you’ve had them for years … but you’ve never actually committed them to memory. So I’m challenging you this week. I’m challenging you to memorize these scripts. Ok. I know that deep down you’re not too lazy, but I also think that you know maybe you think it’s a bigger task than it really is, and you also think that maybe you could just read it like you’ve been doing for a while. OK. But again, I’m challenging you. You’re not lazy. Right?

7. You’re Your Own Boss

Number seven or letter G … you know, why using these scripts is so hard. I wrote down, well, you’re an independent contractor, nobody can tell you what to do, and what to say. All right. You’re an independent contractor. I’m an independent contractor. Can’t tell me what to do. I’ll say what I want to say. OK, great. But, you know is it getting you what you want? Is it getting you what you deserve? Are you achieving your goals. Would you like all of those things to come to much easier? Gosh guys, you know, knowing the scripts, using canned presentations, having canned questions that makes sense to the customer … it’s the way to go. OK.

8. Preparation Is Everything

And then the last thing I wrote down that you know is one of the reasons that using these canned scripts and presentations is so hard … the fear is that using the scripts might cause the agent to succeed. It might cause them to succeed, meaning they might actually set an appointment. They might actually get a signature or make a sale. And heaven forbid that should happen, because I’m not prepared for an appointment, so you know, I’m not really wanting one. I want to appear that I’m trying to get one. I want everyone to think I’m trying to get one, but it might cause me to succeed if I use these scripts. So I’m not quite sure if I want to use them or not. I don’t know that I’m prepared. OK?

Action Items For The Week

So you know eight eight thoughts here as to why it gets in the way, and why it’s so hard. But when you look at them and you go over them again, I mean you’re too lazy. It’s out of the comfort zone. You know, they might cause you to succeed. I mean, really? Guys and gals I hope you take this video to heart, and I hope that you realize that memorizing them is simple. So I’m going to say to what I said last week, take one script this week. One of them. And committed to memory.

Spend the next five or six days repeating it over and over and over all day … when you’re getting ready for work, when you’re driving to work, when you’re on your lunch break, during your prospecting say the script over and over, committed to memory and then maybe next week take on a second script. Add it to the memorization.

But once you start, on the second one, you know, continue on the first one as well. So the second week, you’ll do the first script and the second script. The third week you’re going to do the first script, the second script, and the third script. But if these seven scripts are how you plan to support yourself and support your lifestyle for the next few years, it only makes sense to have them memorized.

I hope you enjoyed watching. We look forward to seeing you on the next episode.



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