8 Steps for a Strong First Quarter

Your competition has already checked out and the marketplace is open for you. Here are 8 very specific actions you could take between now and the end of the year for a strong first quarter.

Hello. Welcome to Mike Ferry TV. I’m Ron Cronin. It’s the week of December 2nd … can you believe it? There are only 21 business days left in the year.

Well, here’s a question for you … Would you like to have a strong January? A strong first quarter … meaning you have saleable listings, new sales and a lot of income? Well, if you answered “yes,” I wrote down some very specific actions that you could take between now and the end of the year … in the next 21 days.

Let’s write these down …

1) First, figure out how many days you’re going to work and how many days you’re going to take off.

There’s 21 business days left in the year, but you may not be working all of them … with the holidays, friends and family coming in … you want to take a little time off. It’s understandable, so whatever the numbers are … decide how many days you’re going to work and how many days you’re going to take off between now and the end of the year. That’ll be first.

2) Call every lead you have and ask for an appointment.

Every lead you have, ask them for an appointment over the next few days. Some of those people may want to pull the trigger … some may want to take action … some may be committed to waiting until next year, but we’re not going to know unless you call … so call every lead you have.

3) Call your current customers and ask for referrals … meaning any Sellers that you’re working with right now … any Buyers that you’re showing property to … anyone that you have under contract or in escrow.

Call all your customers and ask them for referrals. The referrals may not be until next year, but that’s okay … we’ll take them now.

4) Call any Center of Influence that you haven’t spoken to in the fourth quarter. Your friends … your family … your neighbors … your past customers … people in your community that you give business to … call everyone in your Center of Influence and ask for referrals.

Now is the time. Remember, your Centers of Influence are meeting their friends and families for the holidays … there’s a lot of gatherings … and people will be talking about Real Estate. It’s a great time to go for the referral.

5) Make sure you complete your 2020 business plan for next year before next year.

Over the next couple of days, anything that’s missing … anything you need to write down … any changes that you need to make … or perhaps some of you just need to get started and complete your business plan. You can find Mike’s simple 3-page Business Plan at www.mikeferry.com. Click on Resources. You’ll find it there.

6) Consider doing heavy prospecting on those days that you are working.

Heavy prospecting days … okay? A workday isn’t a workday if you aren’t prospecting. Now, remember … when you’re prospecting over the next couple of weeks, you’re looking for appointments obviously. Appointments this year … this month of December … but you’re also creating a good list of Sellers and Buyers that you can call in January because the reality is … some people just can’t wrap their mind around listing now or taking action now, so let’s try for the appointment, but also create a good list that you can call January 1st.

7) Clean up your office and your desk.

That’s something to do over the next couple of weeks. Clean the desk up, throw away any old files, any old papers and all the junk that you’ve accumulated over the course of the year. Clean up the office … have a nice, fresh work environment when you come back in January.

8) Prepare yourself for one of the best Expired days of the year … January 1.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “What, Ron? January 1? That’s the day after New Year’s Eve parties.”

Well, I understand … and maybe you’re committed to sleeping in or sleeping it off … I’m not sure, but consider that January 1, people pull the trigger. Not only you, but other people are excited to get going … they want to take care of business … and you’ll be the first one to show up and perhaps take their listing.

Remember guys and gals … people that are expiring this month in December and in January … well, they listed their homes in July … and August … they need your help. Help them.

Last thought for you … it’s after Thanksgiving when you’re watching this video … remember that your competition has already checked out … they’re gone … they’re mentally checked out … they’re physically checked out … and the marketplace is wide open for you. So, take action on these steps that I gave you.

Make December strong … work hard on the days you’re working … enjoy your time off. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and we look forward to seeing you soon. Thanks for watching Mike Ferry TV.


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