10 Commitments Every Real Estate Agent Should Make

Two women Real Estate Agents smiling while wearing headsets

So you’re looking to join the ranks of the Top Producing Real Estate Agents, and why not? The Real Estate business can be exceptionally lucrative, but there are also a lot of common pitfalls that keep many agents from realizing their true potential. Making it big starts with making commitments.

Learn about the 10 commitments every Real Estate Agent should make and how you can get the tools to make it all happen for your business.

1) Read Your Business Plan Weekly

Every week, no matter how long you’ve been operating, you should go over your business plan in detail. Remind yourself where you wanted to go when you started this, and explore those areas that may not have worked as you thought.

Real Estate Agents sitting down and taking notes at an event

2) Pay Attention to Your Health

Your health is everything. Pay close attention to nurturing your physical, mental, spiritual, relationship and financial health. If you neglect any of these areas, your business will suffer. Write a one-sentence goal for each of these, and commit to it.

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3) Keep a Positive Attitude

Daily affirmations work. Keep a positive attitude in all things. Your attitude is a reflection of how you view people and how you feel about the world. Do what you need to do to keep your attitude upbeat.

4) Stick to Your Schedule

It’s a busy world, and things happen that alter your plans. That being said, you should make a concerted effort to commit to your schedule. Stick with it at least 75% to 80% of the time.

5) Don’t Mix Business and Personal Life

Keep your personal life out of your business life. Things happen that can distract you, but no matter what they are, don’t let them interfere. Of course, there is a balance between keeping things separate and neglecting your relationships. Take care to avoid this.

6) Keep Your Emotions in Check

Stay logical in all things. It can be very hard to keep your emotions between the lines, but it’s vital to your success. Keep a clear head and a clear sight on the goal. Don’t let your judgment get clouded.

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7) Develop Your Sales Skills

As a Real Estate Agent, you are a salesperson. That’s a simple fact. If you don’t have the tools to be an effective salesperson, develop them to the highest degree possible. Get some training on sales skills and work on improvement daily.

8) Listen to Your Coach

Your Mike Ferry Coach is a Coach because they’re successful. Don’t edit what they tell you, and don’t think you know better. Listen to them and follow their guidance.

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9) Commit to Hard Work

Your week should consist of 40-50 hours of hard work, and you should be working at least 250 days out of the year. This time should be spent prospecting, following up on leads, making presentations and negotiating contracts.

10) Do Right by Your Customers Every Time

Your customers come first in your business. Everything you do should prioritize them, and you should do right by them without fail, every time.

If you’d like more help taking your business to the next level to join the ranks of the very best, Mike Ferry is here to help. Join our “Finish 2019 Strong … Start 2020 Fast” coaching program to learn how to become a Top Producing Real Estate Agent.