WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING …. Mike Ferry Organization Reviews

For 40+ years Mike Ferry has been committed to increasing agent productivity. Here are some things our clients are saying …..


"Mike, I know you get a lot of these messages. Here's another one...... I am having my best year ever in Real estate because of the system. I live in Naples, Florida, the most competitive place to be with highly skilled Mike Ferry agent's. It took three years being here to understand what needed to be done for success. The first two years I did not have a coach and the last 9 months I've been working with Ron Cronin and reading everything I can get my hands on that you send from present and past messages that I have saved, along with Mike Ferry TV and you tube.
It eventually all comes together.

My key to success is my commitment to a schedule, my coach, my number analyzer and reading / listening to everything you send.
It's really rewarding to be successful in an area with so many great agents."

Jacquie L.


"For someone who has never attended a Mike Ferry event, I would tell you – you don’t know what you’re missing out on. I say that, and it can’t be overstated. Quite frankly, this is an opportunity for you to learn the absolute must-do’s of the business to be successful consistently over a long period of time."

Joe D.


"Even though I have not attended MFO events in years. Mr. Mike is the best coach you will ever find in real estate. I got exposed to Mike at 24 years old. I was barely making 35k in commissions. At the time I could not afford to join one on one coaching. But using the tapes Mike's philosophy ideas and prospecting system my income jump almost 100k.

The year after that it was 215k. Then 280k then 480k and close to 700k only with one assistant. It was a pure grind, hard work some more hard work and even more hard work. Mr. Mike lives what he preaches and I will be grateful to him for the rest of my life. One of the best recordings I have ever heard from Mike is expanding your thinking. It's an old recording now but to this day that is the best. I never understand people who criticize Mr mike. If you boil down what Mike has preached for years follow a system work hard and prospecting for new business. If you are in sales the basics never change."

Andrew H.


"There are so many things I look forward to at the Superstar Retreat. It always has a direct impact on my business because I can kind of hear Mike’s voice in my head after the Superstar Retreat, and how confident, aggressive and polished he is. After you’ve listened to that for four days, it just kind of comes out. It translates, and you go to appointments after the Retreat, and things just happen; it’s magic."

Diane V.


"I find that before Mike Ferry, I was kind of out on my own and didn’t have the support that I needed. Mike Ferry makes you accountable. I learned how to be better on my time management and how to really do high production. He’s the best Coach out there to teach you on how to do high production."

Lisa F.


"Mike Ferry invented Coaching for Real Estate agents, and 41 years later, his System is still the best out there. No hype, no dancing, no rah rah BS ... just great information to build a long-term, sustainable Real Estate sales business. His energy level seems to get better with age, every year. He is truly an icon who has brought unbelievable results to thousands of his clients. Why learn from a copycat who has stolen his material, when you can get the real deal?"

Monte H.


"Front Row at Management Retreat. Woke up at 4:30am to get in the best spot in a banquet hall to learn from and with the absolute best in the country, so we can better serve you in real estate."

Travis A.


"Day two of the Mini Retreat has been such a fantastic experience! I came to his conference in hopes of helping my business.
Not only I’ve just done that but I’ve learned life lessons too. This trip has allowed me to step back and really analyze who I am as a person and business women!

So, thank you the Mike Ferry Organization for playing a part in my success. The best part, it’s not even over day three tomorrow."

Alexandra M.


"Met one of our all-time favorites in the business, Mike Ferry. This man knows how to convert leads and prospect and will teach you how to do it.
He also doesn’t baby you but rather tell you like it is, and we have respect and admiration for that! Great to meet you Mike!"



"22 years ago, at 18 years young I attended my first Mike Ferry Real Estate conference in Palm Springs.
I was broke and didn’t have money for gas and had to wear the same black polyester suit for the 3-day conference with only about 250 in attendance.
I was told that if I wanted to be successful I HAD TO BE THERE.
22 years later he’s our guest speaker to a PACKED house in the real estate company. Real Estate Heaven we founded in 2010.
You’ve got to have the faith of a mustard seed and endure to the end."

Paul A.


"Little success story:

The duplex we're buying this afternoon is the result of asking good questions and continuing to ask! I continued to ask the builder I was speaking with about his building projects and how he found them. In the process he described buying a building lot from an elderly seller who was compelling him to buy the duplex next door as well as the lot. He didn't want the duplex, but had both under agreement. I was looking for a multifamily property and offered to step in on the duplex if he would assign the agreement of sale. After our due diligence it appeared to be what he described and we'll settle later today.

Ask good questions, keep asking you never know what you'll find out. Thanks Coach!"

Bill M.


"Hi Mike,

My name is Spyros, I signed up for premier coaching at the Toronto Mini retreat ... I was assigned to a great coach, Rayo Irani.

Last week, I had my best week so far...
In 7 days I went on 6 listing appointments and listed 4 homes,
3 expireds and 1 past client. Two days after listing one of the expireds we received an offer which was accepted!

Now... I just have to repeat this every week for as long as I’m selling Real Estate!

Thank you for all your coaching and support!

Have a great day!"

Spyros D.


"I'm so excited to tell you that I have more business now than I ever before. I'm overwhelmed but with the best overwhelmed you could ask.

5 listings and 3 escrows in less than 2 weeks. Life is amazing — thank you Mike!

I love my coach. I was with your son Tom I had three coaches none of them are even close to Ron. U got the best. I appreciate that I loved back to you!

Thank you!

Let’s Make it a great Day!"

Jeanet S.


As I was saying
Mike Ferry is an Innovator. He leads others usually follow! He is amazingly Awesome and Totally Over The Top. He gets that SUPERSTAR Agents are at A THIRST for information from A Master. Mike Ferry is that Master

Jeffrey M.


Mike Ferry has always inspired me , for me he is the best coach in the Real Estate Business! Keep up the great job Mike

Fernando M.


We all love you Mike and appreciate what you have given us that no one can take away from us. Power!

Tiffany K.


Going to the Prospecting Clinic was amazing! I honestly asked Coach Sean if we had to go home on Tuesday afternoon because I wanted more appointments! I am a new agent and my first time at the Clinic … I have set a couple appointments before but not eight in ONE day! Awesome Awesome! If you have not attended Prospecting Clinic … now is the time!!!

Margaret F.


The duplex we're buying this afternoon is the result of asking good questions and continuing to ask! I continued to ask the builder I was speaking with about his building projects and how he found them. In the process he described buying a building lot from an elderly seller who was compelling him to buy the duplex next door as well as the lot. He didn't want the duplex, but had both under agreement. I was looking for a multi-family property and offered to step in on the duplex if he would assign the agreement of sale. After our due diligence it appeared to be what he described and we'll settle later today.

Ask good questions, keep asking you never know what you'll find out. Thanks Coach!

Bill M.


I have been in coaching since December 2015, my first Mike Ferry event was January 2014 before I was even licensed! Since February 2014 I have closed 112 transactions! I wish I would have practiced BLIND FAITH from the beginning because I would be at an easy 200 plus transactions. Mike, I set a goal with my coach Robert Villanueva at the superstar retreat in July to be on your panel by next year’s July retreat!

Christian S.


Twelfth week of the year and I've already gotten listings taken, three listing sold, two buyer sales, and other three listings under contract!!! My business exploded in November. I am making more money than ever before. I use to make 40,000 a year, and since December to middle march I already did $38,000. At this pace, I will overcome my goal of $160,000 by December 31st, 2017. I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!

Best regards,

Christian F.


Hi Mike,

As instructed, I told my Seller that I was heading out of town "learning how to do a better job for them" and my client actually said, "what are you going to see Mike Ferry or something?" I said, "yes! How did you know?" he responded, "I know Mike Ferry... that guy is an asshole! I LOVE HIM!"

We both laughed and shared a quick moment to talk about how awesome you are … he thought it was great how you tell it how it is, and you didn't care what people thought. He meant it in an endearing way, I promise! He was a FSBO for months. He listed his property with me and had over eight offers in the first week ... he is very grateful for my skill level … and I owe it to you, your System, and your Coach (Steve Powers), and all of MFO’s supporting help along the way.

Thanks Mike!

Jen F.


Hi Mike,

I am one of your Premier Coaching clients. Steve Futch signed me up when he came to Indianapolis in May 2015 for Tom Myers, Carpenter Realtors. Judy Fordon is my beloved Coach. Your life's work, your mind and efforts are so positively changing my life. Thank you! My intensive mindset work, Judy and your guidance has helped me knock down the barricades I had set up in my life with regard to my own abilities. Keep on being incredible and helping all of us realize our true abilities. I am 41 and just starting to live the life I have imagined.

With Gratitude,

Anne M.


Hey Mike,

You'll get a kick out of this …

My Brokerage asked me to speak to our 500 plus Agents today on efficiency and production ... I shared with them how your Coaching helped me reach 44 transactions last year working four days a week and getting home by 7 PM every night of the week.

They were quite amazed with my schedule.

Then ... they heard from another panelist who spoke on how amazing social media is. She spoke for an hour! She did 12 deals last year working seven days a week and get this ... She's afraid she will burn out next year!!!

I made it clear your teachings got me to where I am today. You have a very tough job Coaching these Agents … my competition is ridiculously weak and, worse ... because of their big egos ... they think they're amazing!!

Thank you!!!

Rene A.


Mike ... you are the BEST ... you always have been and you always will be. There will never be another Mike Ferry ... same as there will never be another Elvis ... only imitators.

Everything you’ve said is right on ... as usual ... and I love the fact that you do NOT compete with anyone. You do NOT have any competition ... only Mike Ferry wannabees ... in my estimation.

We are both MATURE and I love it. It is a great place to be. Knowledge and wisdom are the name of the game.

I had a golf instructor when I first started to golf who is one of the original founders of the LPGA ... Shirley Spork ... I think she is the only one remaining. She is now well into her 80s and still loves the game and she still plays a great game. She is an inspiration to us all ... just as you are. She plays and still teaches at Monterey Country Club in PD.

Thank you for all that you do. I am where I am because of you and your teachings.

Here's to the best year ever! See you in Vegas!

Hugs to you and Sabrina.

Rita C.


Hi Mike,

Wow you handle rejection really well! Thank you for not letting it stop you!

I have heard some of the things about you that you referenced in your video today. On the flip side, I had never imagined that Realtors could make so much money in this business until I started watching your interviews with Superstars on Mike Ferry TV!

I have been in your Coaching program for four months and have been a licensed Realtor for 34 years. I am learning the scripts and the more I am learning them, the more professional I feel. I no longer make small talk with clients: wasting both their time and mine. I feel like a professional. I am asking them real questions and they are giving me real answers. I am not wasting time with un-qualified clients. I have accepted the fact that I am a salesperson.

I just listed a FSBO who said they listed with me because they appreciate someone who works hard. They liked my approach. Well, my approach was your scripts!

I am no longer going on un-qualified appointments that leave me feeling bad because I could have spent that time with my family. I no longer have to worry about Sellers bringing up objections because I now have answers.I just reduced the price on a listing. I sent them a package with an updated CMA and a price reduction form. When I got to the house two days later they said, “we reviewed the information you sent and would like to reduce the price.” It was great!

I am firing non-motivated Sellers and it feels fantastic! I finally feel that I am in control of my business. I also feel my clients will benefit because I am direct, professional and to-the-point. They aren’t looking for a new best friend … they want a professional who will get their home sold.

I feel in control of my business. I am prospecting in the morning and every day, by noon, I feel good about myself. When I tell a Seller I will work to get their home sold I feel good because I KNOW I will actually do what I am telling them I will do. I am calling past clients. Some I haven’t spoken to in 20 years and they are happy to hear from me!

I must admit it is a huge learning curve for me. I am totally out of my comfort zone. I have to talk to myself a lot. I have to look at my goals a lot. My 10-year-old granddaughter contacts me every day to ask if I have made my calls so that we can go to Disney World in 2017!

I feel stressed, lost, overwhelmed and I absolutely love it because I know I am finally in control of my destiny.

Thank you Mike! I look forward to meeting you.


Meriel G.


Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for providing me with a proven system that “works if you work.”

It was another record setting year for me, just like it has been for the last couple of years, and I was able to bank some extraordinary memories that are remarkably similar to the slide shows that you play at the seminars that inspire us to excel. One of my fondest 2015 memories is that I was in the position to purchase a 2.5 acre Chatsworth Ranch for my parents … all cash!!!

Thank you Mike, and I hope to continue to share these stories with you, Sabrina, and Cathy for many years to come.


Jim S.


When I left new construction in 2009, I immediately starting working with investors who were rehabbing houses. I would find them properties and buy them to rehab and advise them on the resale value. I made a very good living during the recession listing these rehabbed properties.

In 2011 I realized all of my eggs were in this one basket, and knew that I had to learn how to work with traditional Sellers. It was at this time that one of my investor clients, a former MFO Coach, insisted I check out MFO.

Up until this point I never had to prospect for a traditional/Seller listing. I was already used to door-knocking on pre-forclosures for my investor clients, but I needed to learn new scripts for traditional Sellers. And that is when I found the Mike Ferry System. I liked it that Mike promoted door-knocking for working with FSBOs and Expireds. I was drawn to his system of actively looking for listings versus the more passive, traditional methods of open houses and farming.

I went to my first Retreat in February of 2011 and immediately signed up for One on One Coaching. Once I got my hands on the scripts I realized these were the identical scripts I had learned in my very early days of Real Estate at Coldwell Banker. And these were the same scripts that I had tweaked for door-knocking pre-forclosures.

Because I am very Coachable I have been able to increase my production year after year 20 to 25%. What I find in the Mike Ferry System that I did not find with other trainers, is that Mike has a system for everything from start to finish. And that system is learnable, teachable and duplicatable.

Thank you Mike for simply not teaching us to get better at what we like doing, but teaching us what actually works.

Sophia P.


Mike and The Mike Ferry Organization have created the System and the road map to provide the tools you need to grow your Real Estate business to the level of success you desire! Thank you for being the best guide, Coach and leader at a level that someone could only hope to be affiliated with!

Winfield C.


My experience with MFO has left me and my business with a complete and comprehensive transformation in terms of my professionalism, finances, skills, mindset, and development. This has also resonated in my personal life, which I'm enjoying at a new level, everyday. I could not thank you enough.

Randy M.


Mike and Sabrina, thank you for all the ideas and the conviction that comes with your Real Estate System. I eventually started implementing what you teach and I am making serious money. And the money is great and all … but the job satisfaction is, for me, invaluable. It is so much more fun to work with and have clients who are happy.

Sometimes Mike … you have been tough on me. I always took it to mean that you could see that I could do better. You were right. I could. And I did. Now, I will do even better. You challenged me the other day in front of a lot of people. You said, “why are you stuck at 60 deals? You should be doing 150!!!”

I am going to get there. It is exciting to think about that. Keep challenging me, please. I make more money when you do!

I feel very sorry for the Agents who don't do what you teach or have never heard of you or your System. Please let me know what else I can do to help you guys help other Agents who are dying professionally.

I am profoundly grateful to you all for the great teaching that you provide!!!

Melinda P.


I joined coaching in February 2012. I almost doubled my production that first year. Last year I increased my production by 30%, and so far this year my production is up 40%. Joining Coaching has been the best investment I have made in my Real Estate business! The Mike Ferry System has provided me with all the tools needed to be successful at a level I never dreamed was possible. Thank you Mike Ferry!

Sabrina W.


Comprehensive, yet simple, System designed for success. I am in the One on One Coaching Program. I find tremendous value in this program including my personal Coach, daily and weekly messages, and sales tools. Work hard, listen to your Coach, follow the program, believe in yourself and success is virtually guaranteed. Mike Ferry and his entire staff are dedicated to my success.

Michael B.


I have been in Premier Coaching for about 15 years and have enjoyed the benefits of the Coaching, training and seminars. Prior to that, I was attending Mike Ferry seminars. The Coaching and seminars have improved my business and service to my clients 100%.

I never stop learning great new ideas from Coaching and how to implement them into my business. My associations with other Mike Ferry Premier Coaching clients throughout the country and outside the USA have been excellent. I network, role-play and mastermind with them, and have also developed life-long friendships. There is no doubt in my mind that Mike Ferry is the leading expert in Real Estate sales training. Mike, his Coaches, and his organization have given me what it takes to build a strong, customer-oriented business for over 28 years.

Meg M.


Mike Ferry is a great Coach. If anyone follows his principles, success is certain. If you want to make millions selling Real Estate, be part of his Coaching programs. He teaches the earning secrets of the top Agents.

Winston H.


This is not a quick fix, this is a lifestyle. It is the lifestyle of a great Listing Agent. That may sound a little cheesy but believe me, it’s a serious thing!

Richard M.


Mike is an incredible teacher and mentor. He is hands on. He and his wife Sabrina really put a lot into making the company great, and it is.

Benjamin H.


Been in Premier Coaching for 13 years. This is THE place to get Coached on how to sell Real Estate! If you are serious about your career, you have found your home here ...

George G.


Great company that gets to the point of making money in the Real Estate business.

I attended an Action Workshop back in 2013, but never followed through. Last week I decided to get serious about generating business and starting making calls on Thursday. Today I confirmed a listing appointment for tomorrow with an expired seller that just told me he wants me to see an additional property right after I meet with him at the property I called about. Very excited that the scripts still work. I am working on getting to a prospecting clinic in Florida ASAP. Thanks for the great training!

Raquel M.


The Godfather of Real Estate … the man, the myth the legend, Mr. MIKE FERRY is the best. Please adopt me as your own son, Mike.

Carlos A.


Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your help today. I was able to walk out of my listing appointment with a signed contract for a listing and a buyer. Yahoo. Thank you for your Coaching today. Made all the difference. Loved it!!!

Shows you what Coaching can do!! Just paid for this years Coaching with this one call.

Warm regards,

Shawndra M.


Love the energy. Love the focus. I’ve learned a lot from MFO.

Raffi A.


Simply the best for raw results … faint of heart stay away … those that want to make money … Mike is the BEST!

Jay M.


We appreciate what you have done for us. Mike you taught us so much … that we can start a new business anywhere in the world and be successful. Thank you.

Tiffany K.


[Events] are designed to teach, inspire and enable an Agent to greater success. Attendees learn the skills they need to achieve at a higher level. I highly recommend anyone to attend. It will open your mind to a world of possibilities, but one would have to work their butt off to reach their full potential.

Willy F.


Mike Ferry has been a great asset to me in building my business!

Adam P.


This is the sixth week of the year. I've already taken six listings, so far, two of them under contract, one of them both ways (representing the Buyer too). If there is a better and faster method to be great in Real Estate, I STILL DON'T KNOW IT.

Christian F.



Last year I emailed you for help because I had very little business. Now, after pushing through all of that, I closed more in the fourth quarter than I did all three quarters put together.

And the first quarter is going well too, I have six deals pending right now and I am feeling a little overwhelmed … Two quarters in a row with great business. In the past, I have never really had more than two or three at a time. This is a good change.

Cheri C.


Just a quick note of gratitude to the MFO system …

When I started with you four years ago, at age 58, I was complacent. I had an OK income with some investment income, and my wife's salary, and I did about 7-10 deals a year (whenever the phone rang) in a rural county of about 80,000 people. I earned about $42 - $50k from Real Estate to supplement my whitewater kayaking addiction.

I've been with Mitch Choboian for a couple of years now.

I just did my numbers for January, and I am on track to earn at least $67k this quarter and hope to push that to $75k. I know that isn’t much for many of the MFO Agents ... but for my small town making $250k-300k a year puts you above almost all professionals save for 12-14 Real Estate Agents and Brokers who out produce me.

I am finally able to take most weekends off and feel some comfort that I get it … i.e. what it takes to do my job.

Thanks again Mike and Mitch for pushing me. I proved to myself ... that an old dog can learn (it is harder) but Karen and I will feel a lot more comfortable in our retirement (not in the near future) because of the incredible system you have developed.

Mitch seems to have a knack for knowing when to push and call me on my bull, and when to encourage and tell me to give myself a break.

I intend to keep growing and improving.

Gregory S.


Amazing man and organization! Incredible support and tools to help you grow your business. My first year as a Premier Agent helped me triple my business from the previous year without MFO. I highly recommend this to serious Agents who are looking to take their business to the next level!

Michelle D.


Well, the results are in ... We placed #6 in GCI and #8 in units for ALL of the offices in C21 USA!!! I am sure that will land us in the top 21 offices in the world for C21 (called Global 21).

So, to come from where we were to get to $11.2 million GCI and 1,749 units out of one office ... not too bad! We would not be anywhere close to where we are today without the Coaching of your organization/Cydney Fullen.

Not only is it the Coaching, it is the great Brokers/Owners that I get to meet, challenge, mastermind and become true friends with ... and we have a great open share with each other to help each other succeed ... I would have never known what I was missing out on had I not taken the plunge into Coaching several years (I think it has been four years) or so ago ...

My saying is simple – I am nowhere close to where I want to be, but I am a hell of a lot further than I thought I would be! Thank you both so much for everything you have done to help me get to where I am!


Terry S.


"The Buyer Training Program is over-the-top, one of the best programs I've participated in. There is so much information, it's impossible to absorb at one time. Every time I go through the recording of the session afterward, I reap more than twice the information. I plan to go back through my weekly 30-minute recordings over and over. This program is so much more than just Buyer training. You incorporate all The Mike Ferry Systems. If a person masters this program, their Real Estate selling skills will rise in every way. It's a privilege to be a part of this training."

Adaline N.


“My first year in the business and prior to Coaching with The Mike Ferry Organization, I sold 12 homes a year … Five years later, Coaching with The Mike Ferry Organization, I am selling over 115 homes per year. Coaching helped me to implement systems that make me highly efficient in my business, allowing me to sell high volume while offering exemplary customer service. Coaching helps you to achieve your maximum potential. I used to have dreams, now I have goals. Thank you for changing my life!”

Dimitrios K.


"I watch Mike Ferry TV everyday on YouTube. Getting my seller mentality and motivation together! I wasn't convinced that I could sell real estate until I engaged in the Mike Ferry Coaching seminars/webcasts! Best time and money you could ever spend in this industry."

Diamondz J.


“I’ve attended I’d say at least 12 Retreats. I continue to go because it’s a perpetual learning experience. It’s one in which you’re not going to get everything the first time, so the more you go the more you’ll be exposed to the information; you’ll be in a different place so it hits you differently.”

Greg T.


“Well, I’ll tell you the Superstar Retreat is one of my favorite events to go to every year. There’s obviously a multitude of reasons for it. One of the main ones is that it’s mid-year and it’s a great opportunity to recharge and get the focus back to finish the second half of the year.”

Joe D.


“The Coaches that I’ve worked with over the years have been really great, really supportive and really push me to a level I don’t think I would’ve done on my own. It’s really easy for me to get complacent and just kind of be relaxed, and Mike Ferry actually helps me to a point where I can do better than what I can think about on my own.”

Christy M.


“I would suggest someone should coach with Mike Ferry because it gets you the results in your Real Estate business that you want. I’ve done the 100 days to greatness with Brian Buffini, I’ve done the Masters Edge course over the 6 weeks, I’ve seen some of the other coaches speaking and none of them made me want to join coaching or attend any events.”

Jeneen M.


“It’s [Prospecting School] built my confidence, so I’ve been able to speak better on the phone. The first two times I came, I didn’t set any appointments. This time around, I’ve set two appointments. I just see it as every time I come, I’m improving and improving, so the more I come the better I’ll be.”

Tim B.


"It's really important to continue Coaching because it keeps you on track, it keeps you accountable, you constantly learn new things and it's just a great system to be involved in."

Diane V.


"I first went to Mike's event in 1998, which was the Superstar Retreat. It was unbelievable. I went and joined Coaching almost immediately because I'd become complacent. I'd been an Agent since 1985 and I plateaued at 60 transactions. I realized that one month it would be all Buyers, the next month it would be all listings, and I never seemed to be able to get ahead or keep balance. Mike and Coaching helped me to turn what was just a sales activity into a real business."

Susan M.


“I’ve attended probably 14 or 15 Superstar Retreats and they’re all very beneficial to me. I get re-inspired, I meet people who are doing way more than I do and I get new ideas. I don’t think I would be as successful as I am if I didn’t continue to be involved with the Mike Ferry System.”

Christy M.


“Whenever I think about growing a Real Estate business, I think about having interactions with a professional organization, and trying to encourage people to understand that Mike Ferry has all the tools you need to be successful in the Real Estate industry.”

Aubrie J.


“Well, I’ve been a Coaching Client since September of 2015, but I’ve always followed The Mike Ferry System for a total of two years now, full time. He’s just had me commit to a schedule and it works very well for me. I’m a driver personality, and before I was kind of all over the place. He’s taught me a lot of just putting myself in a schedule and prospecting, putting some time and not deviating from the schedule. That’s helped me a lot.”

Javier R.


“The biggest benefit I get from The Mike Ferry Organization is the training. The second thing I would say is the accountability and just the overall mentorship that I get. When I first got into the business, I was doing maybe two transactions. Last year, I did 65 and this year I will do 78 transactions.”

Greg T.


"[Prospecting Clinic] forces you to make those calls. I mean, the way they have it set up, everything that Mike teaches us to do, they have it there, so it’s easy just to go in there with your phone numbers, and just hit the phones and do it for 4 to 6 hours; it’s great. A lot of people don’t do it, or [are] not committed to do that each day, and it shows you that you can.”

Tim B.


“I’ve attended about 20 Retreats. I attend the Superstar Retreat to get remotivated. Mike gives us information every Retreat that I can take back to my business, so it’s inspiring to get rejuvenated and go back home and get better results.”

Lisa F.


“The Mike Ferry Organization has been the catalyst that skyrocketed my production from 32 transactions to 150 transactions per year. Mike’s no-nonsense, direct approach was exactly what was needed to re-energize my business, and my clients benefit directly from my improved sales skill set and communication.”

Valerie C.


“Premier Coaching has changed my life only for the better. It took me from 12 deals a year to 50 deals a year, from $60,000 GCI to $430,000 GCI and from despair to hope during the recent Great Recession. Kevin Eldred, my present Coach, keeps me on track with Mike Ferry wisdom and has become a valued mentor. Premier Coaching is an integral part of my success and as I master different parts of the system, will take me to greater heights. I'm a lifer!”

Matt E.


“[The Superstar Retreat is a] good place to be! Mike Ferry is awesome!”

Suzanne W.


“Thank you, Mike, for being my mentor. Who I am today is the result of being a student of the System.”

John T.


“My business has increased, and it’s unrecognizable from when I first started with Mike 20 years ago. I was working 7 days a week every night, and I was only doing 22 deals; most of that was Buyer related. Over the past 20 years, Mike has completely changed my business. In fact, it didn’t take all that long to change … Within the next year and a half, I completely revamped to be 90% Sellers and just a handful of Buyers that were typically through my Sellers already or a very close friend or family member that needed to buy. I feel very fortunate in the fact that I no longer work weekends or nights and make quite a bit more money.”

Joe D.


“This is my third session for Prospecting Clinic. I went twice last year, and I’ll come again. I’ll come here probably every other month just to improve on my skills. It’s fantastic to have Coaches come around and critique you, tell you what you’re doing great and what you’re doing wrong.”

Tim B.


“To continue coaching is like continuing training as an athlete, you’re never going to stop. We want to make sure we’re competing at the highest level, making the most income, and being as efficient and effective as possible.”

Scott T.


“It [Prospecting Clinic] eliminates any possible distraction because that’s one of the biggest challenges that I think a lot of Real Estate Agents have in this business. It creates an environment where not only there is competition, which I think is critical for a lot of high achievers, but also where you can eliminate any possible distractions so that your focus is only on setting appointments, finding Sellers and getting more listings.”

Ali W.


The Superstar Retreat that Mike has in Las Vegas is unbelievable; I’ve been probably 12 times. If you think you’re a Top Producer, and you know you’re ready to go to the next level – you want to go to the Retreat

Susan M.


“From an Agent’s standpoint on Coaching, before I joined MFO, I had been selling Real Estate for 25 years. I’ve worked with different coaches all over the country. However, when I joined MFO, the Systems were so strong, were so tight, I didn’t have to guess what I was going to do next.”

Raye M.


“I’ve had people ask me why, you know, after 20 years do I still keep coming back to Mike, Mike’s events and his trainings … and it’s really very simple. The fundamentals of the business can never be sharp enough. My experience is if I get too far away from what allows us to be successful on a day-in and day-out basis, everything tends to go astray. I tend to work more, tend to take on clients that are not as a good fit for us and what we do, and from following Mike and staying with what he does, I’m able to operate my business as a business … consistently and duplicably. That definitely makes life a lot easier.”

Joe D.


“When I first hear Mike Ferry, everyone thinks the same thing, you know. People are brainwashed, you’ve got to cold call and door-knock, but it’s not just about that. It’s not just one dimensional. I didn’t really realize until I got my Coach; he opened up a whole new world to me as far as what prospecting and lead generation is.”

Javier J.


“I’ve been with the Mike Ferry Organization for 10 years. I joined the very first day that I met Mike. I believe in blind faith that I was supposed to be there with Mike at that time, and I have not regretted a moment. In fact, I am in every program that they offer. I encourage my Agents to go into Coaching. I’ve had a personal Coach since 2010. I’m on my 6th Coach, and every one of them has been fabulous. Every Coach has helped me grow as a person and as an Agent.”

Raye M.


“For me, Mike Ferry is Real Estate … So many years of experience, I don’t even think of anybody else. He’s always the first name out of my lips to help someone who wants to grow in their Real Estate business. All of the scripts are provided to them … tons of training, tons of schools … and lots of exciting, new opportunities for anyone who really wants to grow their business.”

Aubrie J.


“The Superstar Retreat for me is like … you’re a knife, and it just takes a couple of weeks or months where you kind of go dull again. When you go to the Superstar Retreat, you go to sharpen your blade, go back out there and make the best effort to make the most money and have some fun.”

Scott T.


“Since I started with Mike Ferry, my business increased quite a bit. My average commissions per year were about $150,000, and last year was my first real year with Mike Ferry. I did $217,000, and that was 35 deals.”

Jeneen M.


“The biggest benefit that I get from Coaching with Mike is accountability to keep me on my goals, and keep me focused on what’s most important to me. I’ve been to three Prospecting Clinics. I just like to do prospecting on my own. Sometimes, I feel like you get into a rut, or like I’ve been in a rut kind of saying the same thing. So, I wanted to get refreshed, hear what other people are saying, learn some new closes and just be inspired and set more appointments.”

Christy M.


“Without Mike and without the Coaching, I would not have made it through the two recessions that we’ve been through over the last 10 or 15 years. So, if you want to make sure that you’re in business not just today, but five years from now, 10 years from now, no matter what the market is, you need to get a Coach.”

Susan M.


“When I first started with Coaching, I was doing about 25 deals a year, stressed out, not having control of my schedule, and just kind of frustrated with how I could take it to the next level. I then joined The Mike Ferry Organization and, since, I’m normally around 85-100 deals. It’s completely changed my business, changed how I look at my business, and obviously has quadrupled it in five years.”

Lisa F.


“After I started getting into Coaching last year, we just closed over 203 transactions, so the growth has been phenomenal. Since I’ve been with the Mike Ferry team, the Coaching has been phenomenal in keeping my mindset straight in what I need to do to grow to the next level and not get stuck and help me see the bigger picture and how to go to the next level.”

Jason P.


“If you’re going to do Real Estate for sure, I would highly recommend going to The Mike Ferry Organization. It’s something that I wish I did when I first joined because I wasted time trying to figure things out on my own. The expense is an investment, it’s a long-term investment, which you’re going to be doing as a career so it’s definitely something that I would highly recommend, if you want to do this at a high level.”

Greg T.


“He’s [Mike Ferry] a Rock Star. He’s the master of Real Estate, and how to make your business grow. I’ve listened to other coaches or organizations similar to his, and there’s just nothing that compares.”

Tim B.


“I’ve learned from being involved for the last two years, pretty intensely, going to the Prospecting Clinics, Productivity Schools, Sales Talk, the Retreats, it’s a whole atmosphere of just intense, being focused and growing your business. I recommend it to anybody from the first time, having a license in the first week, to someone like me who had more years in the business experience.”

Javier R.


“When I think of Mike Ferry, I think of excellence in the Real Estate industry. Nobody that I know of or anyone I’ve worked with has the Real Estate experience and the backing of such a great organization with Coaches, schools, and many, many opportunities to have a Real Estate agent succeed.”

Aubrie J.


“Hi, Mike! I'm really thankful to your organization for all the Coaching and training provided through the workshops!”

Tarlochan S.


“I’m looking at your YouTube videos, and I am so impressed about your method! I am so sure it is the best way to work!”

Roberto T.


“Looking forward to another awesomely inspiring session with the number one Coach in the industry. I've recently moved to another city, and would never have even considered this had I not been involved with The Mike Ferry Organization. Thank you, Mike Ferry"

Tom I.


“Mike, had I not gone to 2014 Superstar Retreat, I don’t think I’d be in Real Estate. Thanks!”

Veronica S.


“Just got back from The Mike Ferry Real Estate Retreat. Awesome organization that I am a part of.”

Greg W.


“Mike Ferry is an innovator. He leads; others usually follow! He gets that SUPERSTAR agents have A THIRST for information from a master. Mike Ferry is THAT Master.”

Jeffrey. M


“My wife, Carol, and I have enjoyed great success in the Real Estate business, and we owe it all to Mike ... WE DID WHAT HE TOLD US TO DO. THANKS AGAIN, MIKE!”

Daniel K.


“After attending your seminar, I started the most successful and enjoyable time of my life!”

Pedro M.


“There’s nothing more exciting than getting Real Estate sales training from the one and only MFO!”

Veronica S.


“Thanks, Mike, for the sound coaching!”

Julian Y.


“Thank you for all you do. I’ve learned a great deal from your videos (interviewing top producers).”

Eddy T.


“Mike Ferry is a great motivator!”

Aneeta P.


“Thank you for giving me the chance to come to your 4-day event in Vegas this July! It’s amazing to listen to you!”

Devon L.


“I know I am going to be a great listing agent because of your great advice and tips!”

Jessica O.


“I am feeling pumped after seeing Mike Ferry today. Can’t wait for the Superstar Retreat in Las Vegas!”

Carlos A.


“Two years ago I called The Mike Ferry Organization and started a working relationship with one of the biggest Real Estate Coaches in the business ... it changed my career for the better. Stay persistent people!”

Ryan B.


“Best Coach ever. Be Smart. Hire Mike”

Diane W.


“He [Mike Ferry] is my mentor, friend, coach and my guiding light … “

Chad S.


“Amazing mentor for sales people!”

Bryan R.


“The legend. When I see how hard Mike works ... I ask myself what excuses I do have?”

Alex B.


“It's time to practice your scripts and change my mindset!! One day I'll be sitting in the front with all the VIPs and getting some coaching from your organization. You're the best of all coaches!!”

Phillip C.


“Thank you for sharing your knowledge at your seminar, I got great home runs!!!!! And still have!!!”

Pedro M.


“La compagnie de coaching qui a changer ma vie!”
Translation: The company of coaching that has changed my life!

Marie Josee H.


Mike Ferry is The Real Deal. My level of commitment is on a Scale of 1-10 a 15.

Jeffrey M.


Please let Mike know that I enjoyed reading his April 27, 2016 "Message from Mike". Love the enthusiasm and am Thankful for all that he does! Here is to ALL OF US and many years of UNLIMITED SUCCESS!

Kathy K.


The best mentor ever !!.

Mike C.


Thanks for sharing Mike your always there when I need you.

India J.


Yes the best thing I have ever done attending a Mike Ferry Seminar.

Kelly H.


I learned my craft from the best start in the 80s with The 1st Re/Max office in South Florida , Thx Mike!

Rick C.


Even though I have not attended MFO events in years. Mr mike is the best coach you will ever find in real estate. I got exposed to Mike at 24 years old. I was barely making 35k in commissions. At the time I could not afford to join one on one coaching. But using the tapes Mike's philosophy ideas and prospecting system my income jump almost 100k.

The year after that it was 215k. Then 280k then 480k and close to 700k only with one assistant. It was a pure grind, hard work some more hard work and even more hard work. Mr. Mike lives what he preaches and I will be grateful to him for the rest of my life. One of the best recordings I have ever heard from Mike is expanding your thinking. It's an old recording now but to this day that is the best. I never understand people who criticize Mr mike. If you boil down what Mike has preached for years follow a system work hard and prospecting for new business. If you are in sales the basics never change.

Andrew H.


What a great day !! Real Estate Legend Mike Ferry Awesome seminar !!! Great event , Great people Thank you Mr Ferry!!!!

Robert F.


As I was saying
Mike Ferry is an Innovator. He leads others usually follow! He is amazingly Awesome and Totally Over The Top. He gets that SUPERSTAR Agents are at A THIRST for information from A Master. Mike Ferry is that Master

Jeffrey M.


That's exactly what my brother Dave A. said last night at the Century 21 international awards convention. That's what you taught him to make our team #1 in the world. We owe it to you Mike.

Ali A.


Best investment a serious Realtor could make!!

Chuck L.


Best Coach ever. Be Smart. Hire Mike

Diane M.


Excellent, Thank you for all the good advice over the years!!

Eric F.


Finished day 3 of the Action Workshop in San Jose today, life changing!

Vicky H.