High Volume Selling - Prospecting For Buyers and Sellers Audio Download

High Volume Selling – This comprehensive 18-volume audio series is now available to order individually or as a complete set. Each volume will guide you through a section of Mike Ferry's Real Estate Sales System, where you'll find the fundamental skills that are the foundation of a successful business and fulfilling career in Real Estate.

Learn the most inclusive, powerful, results-driven program available … anywhere.


Does the word prospecting make you want to hit the "stop" button?

Break down your resistance to lead generation by listening to this audio ...

Perhaps the single most challenging hurdle – and the reason you must hear this recording! – is mastering the art of prospecting, the critical process of finding and bringing in customers and the basis for any profitable sales business.

Listen and learn how to source your business effectively so your efforts will concentrate on predictable and duplicatable income producing activities that will enable you to have a long-term, high volume business. Tackle the fear of not knowing what to say by hearing the simple scripts that will become natural to you with practice.

Order Prospecting for Buyers and Sellers, and move closer to high volume profits today!

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