High Volume Selling - Handling Objections Audio Download

High Volume Selling – This comprehensive 18-volume audio series is now available to order individually or as a complete set. Each volume will guide you through a section of Mike Ferry's Real Estate Sales System, where you'll find the fundamental skills that are the foundation of a successful business and fulfilling career in Real Estate.

Learn the most inclusive, powerful, results-driven program available … anywhere.


Which step is the most important in the 3-Step Sales Process, Prospect, Present, or Close?

If you answered "the presentation" … Congratulations, you are correct!
But wait – Program 10 is about handling objections, isn't it? Yes!

Mike explains how and why the key to closing the sale is in the strength of your presentation ...
Your enthusiasm, confidence, and expertise will minimize the objections you hear ...
And when you do get an objection, learn the most effective responses to overcome them.

Become a Master Presenter who never skips a beat when faced with an objection …
Order your copy today of Program 10: Handling Objections!

Price: $25.00