Building a Successful Real Estate Sales Career

Mike Ferry's Real Eestate Coaching Manual

Look up Real Estate training and coaching on the internet, television, or any social media outlet, and you'll quickly see that the industry is filled with get rich quick schemes, magic pill promises, and the modern day version of the wild west snake oil salesman claiming they have the secret to overnight riches ... Seriously? Not a chance.

There is a better way.

Building a Successful Real Estate Sales Career - A new book by Mike Ferry

Recognized by the National Association of Realtors as one of the five most influential people in Real Estate ... The first to introduce One-on-One Coaching to the Real Estate industry more than 37 years ago ... Founder and CEO of The Mike Ferry Organization, coaching thousands of agents to become top producers - more than any other individual or organization ...

Mike Ferry has spent his entire career looking at the question of why Real Estate companies, industry leaders, management, and agents do what they do ... why so many of them do it so well while so many others fail within the first 18 months. In his latest book, Building a Successful Real Estate Sales Career, Mike Ferry gives you the opportunity to benefit from his decades of experience as a coach, mentor, author, business owner and yes, a successful Real Estate Sales professional.

With his immutable style that gets straight to the point, Mike takes his readers on a systematic journey through each point in the Mike Ferry Real Estate Sales System, a process that anyone can follow to build a successful and meaningful sales career.

Experience the journey for yourself and purchase your copy today!

Price: $25.00