High Volume Selling - Audio Download

High Volume Selling

This comprehensive 18-volume audio series is now available to order individually or as a complete set. Each volume will guide you through a section of Mike Ferry's Real Estate Sales System, where you'll find the fundamental skills that are the foundation of a successful business and fulfilling career in Real Estate.

Topics covered in this series include:
  • The Decision
  • The Real Estate Test
  • Managing Your Time
  • Prospecting for Buyers and Sellers
  • Working Past Clients and Center of Influence
  • The Pre-Qualifying Process
  • Lead Follow-Up
  • The Listing Presentation
  • Pricing Property
  • Handling Objections
  • Closing and Negotiating
  • Working with Buyers
  • Tracking Your Numbers
  • Practicing Scripts and Developing Skills
  • Business Planning
  • Customer Service
  • Mindset
  • Money Management and Profitability

Price: $295.00