90 Days With Mike

“I asked Mike Ferry to call me every weekday for 6 months. He agreed, and I paid him $50,000 for his time. For 6 months he worked with me. My business changed dramatically! Not only did this change my business, it changed my life! Now you have the opportunity to spend 3 months with Mike for only $900! (What a deal!) I have already told Mike ... just sign me up every 90 days! This is an opportunity that no one should miss!”
-Lisa Ray

Imagine ... 3 months of One on One Coaching with MIKE FERRY, the World Wide Leader in Real Estate training! Our new product, 90 Days with Mike, gives you that. Every WEEKDAY, Mike has a message that is designed to move your business forward. Mike teaches you, guides you, pushes you, encourages you ... to make the next 90 days your best 90 days!


Price: $900.00