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Winning by Mike Ferry - Audio Download $5.00
Trigger Cards Download - English $10.00
Time Management - Audio Download $10.00
The Power of Presentation - Audio Download $50.00
The Listing Presentation by Mike Ferry - Media Download $50.00
The Language of Effective Selling - Audio Download $29.00
The Daily Script Workout - Media Download $35.00
Recruiting Scripts Book - PDF Download $10.00
Prospecting Solutions - Audio Download $10.00
Productivity School - Audio Download $50.00
Mike Ferry's Art of Selling (Presented at the 2013 One-on-One Retreat) Media Download $95.00
Management Retreat - Audio Download $19.00
How To Become a Millionaire Audio Download $10.00
Handling Today's Objections w/Matthew Ferry - Audio Download $10.00
Expanding Your Thinking - Audio Download $50.00
Creating Customers for Life - 2012 One-on-One Retreat - Audio Download $50.00
Building a Strong Foundation - Audio Download $20.00
Building a Better You - Audio Download $50.00
Becoming a Master Sales Professional, 2011 One-on-One Retreat Audio Download $50.00
Action Workshop for Today's Market - Audio Download $50.00
6 Phases of Sales Mastery - Audio Download $10.00
2016 Production Retreat Media Download $299.00
2014 Production Retreat - Audio Download $150.00
2013 Superstar Retreat - Audio Download $145.00
2012 Superstar Retreat - Audio Download $50.00
2011 Superstar Retreat - Audio Download $25.00
15 Minutes Before Showing Property - Audio Download $10.00
15 Minutes Before Qualifying Buyers - Audio Download $10.00
15 Minutes Before Closing the Sale - Audio Download $10.00

In the highly competitive world of real estate sales, individuals who continually work to sharpen their skills have the best chance for success. Just about anyone with an interest can pursue and acquire a real estate license in a relatively short period of time; while a license gives you the legal right to do business, it doesn’t mean you know how to sell real estate. There are many factors that go into cultivating a promising real estate career, but without the knowledge of effective Real Estate sales techniques, you are setting yourself up to fail.

Expert Training for Real Estate Agents

For over 40 years, The Mike Ferry Organization has provided video, audio, books, workbooks, reports, retreats, Real Estate coaching, seminars, and many complimentary scripts for real estate agents, to assist them in building better business practices, and a strong mindset. We are dedicated to developing additional support products and materials, and creating new and cutting-edge seminars to meet the needs of the market. Our real estate training products stem from a proven approach that has changed the lives of countless aspiring professionals who took the initiative to seek help and then followed through with hard work and determination.

If you’re ready to learn Real Estate sales techniques that really work, our training products can help you take the first step. Whether you’re a newly licensed Real Estate agent just getting your feet wet or an experienced agent, broker, owner or manager focused on maximizing productivity, the Mike Ferry Organization can help. We have a wide range of multi-media materials, training aids and downloads available on subjects ranging from qualifying buyers and showing property to closing sales and increasing profitability.

Real Estate Coaching and Training You Can Trust

The Mike Ferry Organization has plenty of imitators peddling real estate training products online. Why waste your time on watered-down advice when you can go directly to the original source? We continue to perfect our Real Estate coaching and training products for those looking to improve their careers and increase profitability.

Are you tired of spinning your wheel and ready to learn real estate agent sales techniques that deliver results? Make the change today by purchasing our real estate products, and contact us about our one-on-one real estate training courses.

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  • Mike Ferry's Real Estate Sales System

  • The Power of Presentation DVD Set

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