The "NEW" Productivity School

The “New” Productivity School

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As a real estate agent, the way you speak, act and even how you think directly impacts the level of success you attain. Designed by Mike Ferry, Productivity School is a comprehensive four-day event that will teach you the communication and behavioral skills that can dramatically increase your real estate productivity. You’ll learn what to say, how to act and even how to walk and talk with greater confidence.

Real Estate Productivity Coaching Resulting in Consistent Performance

Consistency is a key to success in any field. At Productivity School, we teach precise real estate agent scripts and dialogues you can apply repeatedly, whether you’re making Real Estate prospecting calls, executing a sales presentation or attempting to close a deal. Through consistent use of these common behaviors that have proven to be effective, you will build a predictable, profitable and duplicatable business.

Remove Doubts That Negatively Impact Your Prospects

If you have doubts about your ability to convert real estate leads, this is sure to come across to your prospects and reduce the likelihood of getting the appointment or making the sale. You’ll also have difficulty holding the attention of your prospect. Our productivity schools will teach you cutting-edge techniques and real estate lead scripts that will make you feel more confident and professional, so you can make powerful presentations that keep your prospects riveted from beginning to end.

Attend one of our scheduled Productivity School real estate coaching seminars and achieve your production goal THIS YEAR. Don’t wait to learn the art of real estate lead conversion… Commit today and Register!


Helping Agents Increase Real Estate Productivity for Four Decades

For more than 39 years, the Mike Ferry Organization has been training agents to succeed at high levels. Our proven sales techniques have helped thousands of agents dramatically increase their productivity, both in the short term and throughout their career.

If You’re Not Getting Better, You’re Getting Worse

Real estate is an extremely competitive business. If you’re not doing everything you can to improve your sales skills, you’ll find yourself lagging behind your competitors. Don’t wait—register for Mike Ferry’s Productivity School and get the training you need to increase real estate productivity today!

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