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Audio Downloads

Title Audio Files
Creating a Business Plan Audio Download Download ZIP File

Business Plans

Title PDF Files
2018 Business Plan English
2018 Management Business Plan English
2018 Mortgage Business Plan English
Daily Tracking Form English
Mid-Year Review English
One Week Business Plan English
Quarterly Review Form English


Title PDF Files
10 Commitments English
11 Reasons to List During the Holidays English
Building Your Business in a Flat or Declining Market English
Learning Canned Presentations or Scripts English
Mike's Mandates English
Prospecting: The Never Ending Challenge English
Social Media Report English
The Do Not Call Law Report Part II English
The Real Estate Coaching Report English
Yes You Can Do 100+ Deals A Year English


Title PDF Files
40 R/E Objection Handlers English
Absentee Owner English, Spanish
Buyer Script English
Center of Influence & Past Client Script English, Spanish, French
CMA Presentation English, Spanish, French
Developing a Center of Influence English, French
Expireds (Over the Phone) English, Spanish, French
FSBO Script English, Spanish, French
Just Listed English, Spanish, French
Just Sold English, Spanish, French
Lead Follow-up English, Spanish, French
Listing Plan of Action (For the Client) English, Spanish, French
Listing Plan of Action (Scripts) English, French
Listing Presentation Scripts English, Spanish, French
MFO Listing Process French, English
One Minute Presentation English, French, Spanish
Pre-Qualifying The Listing Presentation English, Spanish, French
Price Objection Script English, French
Prospecting - Open House Script English, French

MFO Event Workbook Scripts

Title PDF Files
40 R/E Objection Handlers English
CMA Presentation Script English
COI or Past Client Script English
Developing a COI English
Expired Script (Over the Phone) English
FSBO Script English
Handling Objections Script English
Just Listed Script English
Just Sold Script English
Lead Follow-up Script English
Listing Plan of Action Scripts English
Listing Plan of Action Worksheets English
MFO Listing Process French, English
One Minute Presentation Script English
Pre-Listing Package English
Pre-Qualifying The Listing Presentation Script English
Presenting the Offer Script English
Price Objection Script English, French
Price Reduction Script English
Prospecting - COI Script English
Prospecting - Open House Script English
Prospecting - Sign Calls Script English
Prospecting - Tenant Occupied Listing Script English
Qualifying for Home and Motivation Script English
Showing Property Script English
Telephone Ad Call/Sign Responses English, French
The MFO Listing Process English

The Mike Ferry Organization offers a wide selection of complimentary downloads to give you easy access to our more than 39 years of successful real estate sales training and coaching expertise. Available primarily as PDF files (with the exception of the Creating a Business Plan download which features an audio format), these free downloads encompass a wide range of advice for real estate agents.

Learn to Develop Effective Business Plans That Get Results

A solid, carefully-considered real estate agent business plan can serve as your roadmap to sales success. Our free business plan downloads cover everything from how to create a weekly and annual business plan to how to effectively market your agency. Downloads for real estate business training also include useful tools to help you track and measure your progress along the way.

Download Our Informative Real Estate Selling Skills Reports

Information is power, and our complimentary reports are chock full of valuable information and Real-Estate tips that can make a difference in your career success. Our reports cover vital topics such as the advantages of listing during the holiday season, keeping on the right side of Do Not Call laws, the real truth about successful real estate marketing and much more.

You’ll Never Be at a Loss for Words With Our Real Estate Agent Scripts

Many agents mistakenly believe that telephone real estate prospecting scripts lead to forced, unnatural-sounding presentations that turn prospects off. On the contrary, well-developed and expertly-delivered Real Estate scripts help you guide your prospect all the way through the sales process while ensuring you are thoroughly prepared to handle the inevitable objections. Our telephone scripts for real estate agents will increase your confidence level when cold-calling prospects. A free MFO Real Estate script to talk to Real Estate buyers is a valuable tool that every successful agent should have.

Take advantage of our complimentary downloads to assist you on your path to real estate sales success. And don’t forget to contact us for your free real estate career coaching evaluation!

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