Client Spotlight - George Morris

This month for Mike Ferry's client spotlight, we would like to recognize George Morris for his rapid climb to becoming Century 21's number one office in 4 short years

George Morris

Mike Ferry asks George Morris...

How long have you been involved in the Real Estate industry?

20 years

How long have you been using the Mike Ferry Sales System?

19 years and 10 months

How many transactions did your office close in 2013?

We closed 2,305 transactions, making us the #1 Century 21 office in nation

How did you get involved with Mike’s training?

One of the agents in our office kept telling me to stop messing with our internal training and recommended I go listen to Mike speak at one of his events.

What do you feel your greatest strength as a Real Estate Broker?

Creating a tremendous amount of structure and discipline for a productive environment … discipline and structure has been critical to our success.

If you were sitting with a group of brokers and they asked you what are the most important two or three things you do to keep your business running productively, what would you tell them?

1. The day I became a Broker, I decided that I could not ever have a bad day again. Meaning, no one wants to hear about your problems or challenges … you just have to hold firm to being positive, uplifting, and empowering … that is your number one objective.

2. Do what you say you’re going to do. Most people promise one thing and then do something completely different. Do it consistently.

3. Create an environment of proper expectation … meaning expect people to perform and eliminate those that aren't. Focus on an environment with high expectations. Environment is everything in the production and success of a company. We created the number one Century 21 office in the nation in 4 years with proper expectations and Mike Ferry’s teachings. Mike expects you to perform, versus saying it is okay if you don’t.

What is your production goal for 2014? And are there any changes or adjustments you have to make to ensure that it happens?

The goals for our office are 3,200 transactions closed, $21 million in GCI, and a net gain of 120 agents.

Our biggest adjustment or focus is getting other leaders around us to do what we do - as well as we do it. Our greatest challenge is to find leadership, brokers, and coaches who can do what we do and then ensure they do it as close as possible to how we do it.

Mike has helped me see who I need to surround myself with and how I need to train them to attain the revenue, income, and quality of life that I want. This includes having our whole management team at Mike’s Management Retreat in May, because I have to teach the people I expect to be leaders, to learn how to lead … and there’s no better place than the Management Retreat.


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